Wednesday, December 12, 2012

On the 12th day of Christmas...

Green Baby Elephant gave to me, a FREE pair of Rock-a-Thigh Baby Socks! Get a free pair of RaTB Socks with any purchase of $75 before tax & shipping. This offer is limited to in stock RaTB Sock colors & sizes, so don't wait to get your favorite print. There's no coupon necessary. Please give 2 color/size options in the special instruction box upon check out. Be sure to check that your choices are in stock by clicking here.

Rock-A-Thigh Baby Socks are made in the USA, and are perfect for this chilly time of year. I put MW in a pair under his pants as an extra layer when we are going to be out at night. These also ensure that little legs stay covered when baby-wearing. There isn't a gap between the top of socks & the bottom on pants when wearing RATB Socks. They also make diaper changing on the go easy & keep baby's legs warm.

So fill up your cart with stocking stuffers {teethers, amber necklaces, changing pads are just a few ideas}, diapers, detergent {Rockin' Green's holiday scent is almost gone!}, wet bags,  Jellystone teething jewelry for yourself, & more.

Today's the last day to enter in the 2 giveaways going on at Green Baby Elephant. The first giveaway will have TWO winners for the Leslie's Boutique Grab 'n Go Bag. The second giveaway is for $30 in Green Baby Elephant store credit. Every purchase today gets extra entries into both giveaways. Rafflecopter is down at the moment, but the extra entries will be added asap! Good luck to everyone that has entered.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On the 11th day of Christmas...

Green Baby Elephant gave to me, cold relief for baby! 10% off NasaKleen Aspirators. Don't let the idea of sucking out baby's snot gross you out. It's so much easier and cleaner than a traditional bulb aspirator. Baby's boogies won't touch your lips, and the aspirator cleans up easily as it comes apart in pieces. And I have to admit that there's something super satisfying about seeing what came out of MW's nose while I'm cleaning the aspirator. Gross, I know. But I think I'm in safe company with you mamas, and can admit something that yucky. So don't wait until your little one has a cold. Now is the perfect time to pick up a NasaKleen Aspirator to put in the medicine cabinet.

Don't forget to enter the giveaways that are going on over at Green Baby Elephant. Tomorrow's the last day for both giveaways and the 12 days of Christmas specials.

Monday, December 10, 2012

On the 10th day of Christmas...

Green Baby Elephant gave to me, Laundry Day Goodies! 10% off  Knickernappies Diaper sprayers,  Rockin' Green Pail Freshners are only $6.25 {reg $7.50}, and a Free GroVia Wet Bag with the purchase of 2 or more BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diapers. 
Rinsing dirty diapers is easy with the Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer. It easily attaches to the back of the toilet, and risnse the dirties away.
Rockin' Green Pail Freshners help keep odors at bay. Sprinkle a little in your pail, and your holiday company won't even know that it isn't wash day.
Give BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diapers a try. They stuff in the front, which means no unstuffing a yucky mess in the back. Buy 2 and get a free GroVia Wet Bag to store the diapers while waiting for wash day {valued at $6.75}. It's a great sized wet bag to keep in your diaper bag while on the go. This would make a great 'Intro to Cloth Diapers' gift for a friend. You can choose the wet bag color/print of your choice by filling out the "Special Instructions" box upon checking out.
Don't forget to enter the giveaways. The rafflecopter entry forms are here. Two days left to win a Leslie's Boutique Grab 'n Go Bag and $30 in Green Baby Elephant Store Credit!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

On the 6th Day of Christmas...

up to 15% off Thirsties! This sale will be good through December the 9th. So think of this as the 6th, 7th, 8th, & 9th Days of Christmas specials. Because this is a 4 day sale, I feel like I am skimping out of a few days of Christmas cheer I have a Bonus for you all. Every purchase of $150 gets a Free OS Diaper. And my Tucson clients can get a Free bag of Rockin' Green's limited edition holiday scent, Cran-Siberian Pomegranate, with a $100 purchase. Tucson fams can stack the freebies offer and get a Free bag of RnG & OS diaper with a $150 purchase! Now it's time for the small print: gift certificate purchases may not count towards the freebies & the total is before tax & shipping. The free bag of Rockin' Green will NOT be shipped, and is only available for local-Tucson pick up.  The offer for both freebies is good while supplies last, and 1 free bag of RnG and/or diaper per household}. Don't forget to enter the giveaways over at the shop's website. Rafflecopter has been wonky about posting on blogger, so I've moved them over to the shop. Be sure to shop early for the best selection!

*All orders placed this week will be available for pick up or  will be shipped on Monday, Dec. 10th.  If you need to contact me before the 10th, I'm only an email away! :)*

Monday, December 3, 2012

On the 3rd day of Christmas...

Green Baby Elephant gave to me...20% off ALL Bamboobies products PLUS a free pair of Bamboobies with any BB purchase {while supplies last!}.

Ditch the sposies for the boobies. And pamper yourself or a nursing mama on your shopping list with soft absorbent Bamboobies.

Remember, all orders placed today may be entered in to win $30 in Green Baby Elephant store credit!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

On the 2nd day of Christmas....

Green Baby Elephant gave to me...a Free Eazz Wrap with any $25 purchase!

Eazz Wraps are soft, organic, made in the USA, and versatile. Use them as burp cloths, lil' blankies, or changing pads. They're great stocking stuffers or new baby gifts this holiday season!

This offer is good today only, 12-2-12. No coupon needed. Purchasing gift certificates may not be used towards this offer.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

On the 1st day of Christmas...

Green Baby Elephant gave to me...a Leslie's Boutique Grab 'n Go Bag. And I'm giving away 2 of these fabulous wet/dry bags! I'm so addicted to Leslie's Boutique, and you will be too once you give them a try.

There are so many prints to choose from and so many different sizes of wet bags. I can't have just one of each! Don't forget about the new pail liners. They have handles to help make toting the bag to the laundry room even easier. If you are looking for a non-cloth diaper related gift, Leslie's Boutique changing pads are just the thing. These are sooooo much nicer than the plastic pads that come with diaper bags. The soft minky inside makes for a warm and comfy changing pad during the winter months. Hidden inside is a layer of PUL. This is beyond genius! My boys have a tendency to pee while being changed, and if I used a plastic changing pad the pee would just roll right off and onto their clothes and/or the changing table or car floor {depending on where they were being changed}. With the Leslie's Boutique changing pad, there will not be a river of urine running off the pad. It will soak into the minky and stay there. Yay! Can't decide on what print to get? Pick two and leave a spare in the car. This goes for wet bags as well! :) To read the full reviews of the Grab 'n Go Bags, click here and here

And today only {12-1-12}, 10% off ALL Leslie's Boutique Items. Plus all purchases today will receive extra entries for the G 'n G bag. Additionally, ALL orders placed today can be entered to win $30 in store credit. ~whew~ That's a lot of Leslie's Boutique goodness if you ask me. The giveaway ends 12-12-12.
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Friday, November 30, 2012

12 Days of Chrismas Specials

From December 1st through the 12th, Green Baby Elephant will be offering a different sale, freebie, or giveaway. You'll want to check out the blog in the morning or the facebook page to see what the special for the day will be! I asked on facebook what you all would like for the 12 Days of Christmas, and I listened! I hope you will all find something that you knock your socks off or in the very least something to make your Christmas shopping just a little bit easier. :)

Any and all orders placed during the 12 Days of Christmas Specials have the opportunity to be placed in a raffle for $30 in Green Baby Elephant Store Credit. The only limit on the number of entries, is the number of orders you place! So get-a-shoppin'!! You'll find the Rafflecopter entry below and on the the shop's main catalog page.

And in other news, Green Baby Elephant has been nominated for Cloth Diaper Retailer of the Year at Padded Tush Stats! I am so grateful for the nomination, which came about because of the high rating that has been awarded to Green Baby Elephant on the Padded Tush Stats website. Green Baby Elephant is a labor of love. When you make a purchase from Green Baby Elephant, you are supporting a small local business and a work-at-home-mama, not a huge faceless corporation. It is because of each and every one of you that Green Baby Elephant has been able to grow by leaps and bounds. I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you and watching your families grow since starting this business. And I look forward to continuing to be your resource for cloth diapers and other fun treats for your baby. I would appreciate it if you would take a minute and vote for Green Baby Elephant for Cloth Diaper Retailer of the Year at Padded Tush Stats. If you have an extra minute, you can rate Green Baby Elephant here. It's a great way to let other families know about Green Baby Elephant. Thank you very much. And I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Monday, September 17, 2012

GroVia Love x2

Now that I have 2 in diapers, 1 full-time & 1 part-time, I’m all about having a diaper that fits them both with minimal adjusting. GroVia is one of those systems, specifically, the All-In-Two {AI2}. Below are a few photos demonstrating the 3 sizes with the OS shell. Don't worry that the soaker pad is larger than the shell. It's never been a problem when MW is wearing a GroVia AI2.

The GroVia OS Shell with a soaker fits them both. BW is now 2 ½ & 28 lbs. MW is almost 8 weeks & 13+ lbs. BW wears a shell & soaker for naps and a shell, stay-dry soaker, & 2 boosters at night. MW wears a shell & a stay-dry soaker during the day & nights. At this point, I’m convinced he is never going to figure out the difference between night & day. Or maybe he does know, and he gets a kick out of torturing me by sleeping way too much during the day. Honestly, he's too cute for me to even care. I can stare at him all day & night. Just don't mind the dirty dishes in the sink. :)

Above is a photo of both the boys in their matching OS Shells. BW’s shell has snaps, and MW’s shell is hook & loop. BW wears the snap shell on the medium rise setting with only a stay dry soaker pad. MW’s shell is set to the smallest rise setting. He began to wear the OS shell at about 9-10 lbs.


When BW wears GroVia at night, I use a stay dry soaker pad & 2 boosters. I fold one booster in half and place it under the top layer of the soaker pad at the front of the soaker. And then I lay the 2nd booster on top of the soaker pad. At this point, the diaper is a tad bulky as you can see. He now needs the rise to be completely unsnapped. It fits him well and is still snug around the legs.

I’ve blogged in the past about GroVia’s AI2 system, but I still would like to point out a few nice features of using the AI2s. Right now, I do laundry every day since MW goes through 12-16 diapers a day. Add 2 diapers from BW’s naps & nights, plus a trainer every now and then, and you get a big load to wash every day. Using GroVia AI2s means the laundry  loads are smaller since the majority of the load will be soaker pads. You can reuse shells multiple times before they need to be washed.  Another nice feature is that the backs of the soaker pads are waterproof {TPU}. When removing a soiled & wet soaker, you don’t have to touch the wet part of the soaker. Instead of explaining, just take a look at the picture below.

With as many diapers that I’m changing throughout the day, I find it’s particularly nice to remove a dirty soaker pad without getting my hands messy. My biggest dilemma is snaps or hook & loop. No need to choose one over the other, so I have both styles in my stash! Want to try out GroVia, check out the whole line of their products at Green Baby Elephant.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Baby MW's Birth

Here is a little backstory before I share about the birth of baby MW. With all 3 pregnancies, we waited to discover the gender of our babies after they were born. CW & BW were both born at the Women’s Center at Northwest Medical Center. This time around, Mr. GBE & I decided a home birth was the way to go. And I’m so glad we made this decision.

Like my other 2 boys, baby MW, took his sweet time to decide on what day to enter the world. He was born at home 5 days past his due date. But once he decided on the day, he wasted no time in making his arrival. Labor to delivery was just barely under 4 hours. Mix that with being able to labor and deliver at home, and this was by far the best experience ever!

A little after 4 am I couldn’t sleep. I had a couple of really long, hard contractions that woke me up. They literally brought me to my knees. At the time I was attempting to sleep in the recliner in my bedroom. These contractions were so intense that I kneeled in front of my chair to let my belly hang down towards the floor. After a few more of these, I went to wake up Mr. GBE. I wanted to let him know that I may be in labor, so I was going downstairs to watch TV. However, it took me about 3 strong contractions before I could tell him what was going on. For the first time ever, he believed that I was in labor, and he woke right away. During my two previous labors, he would mumble something and go back to bed while I would quietly labor in the dark, early morning hours. This time Mr. GBE got right to work. He double made the bed as we were instructed to do. He got dressed. And who knows what else he did. I was having CONTRACTIONS! And these weren’t normal beginning of labor contractions. These were every 2 minutes and were lasting about a minute or more each time. I was in denial that this was happening. I kept waiting for them to become more ‘regular’, as in not so intense and not so frequent. I was in such denial about it that I downloaded a contraction timer app for my phone. While timing them for about an hour, Mr. GBE kept asking me if he should call our midwife. ‘No, no, not yet. I’m fine.’ All the while I’m on my hands and knees or leaning over the reclining chair moaning. Looking back now, I’m such a nut.  I could barely stand up to brush my teeth, but I kept telling him to wait. He didn’t need to call, so about an hour of this went on. And after being ‘nagged to death’ I gave Mr. GBE the go ahead to call. It was time.

A lot of details are lost on me. I didn’t look at the clock anymore. And I can’t recall the comings and goings of everyone. I was too into what I had to do. I hardly remember when my midwife showed up, and as time went on I hardly remember when my other two midwives came as well. I do, however, remember BW coming into my room. He walked over to me and held my hand. I only patted his, not wanting to squeeze and hurt his little hand. I couldn’t even look at him during my contractions, but I loved knowing he was right there with me. He wasn’t scared that his Mama was on her knees moaning and breathing through contractions. Mr. GBE came in and took BW down to get his breakfast. It was the last time I ‘saw’ BW until his brother was born. CW never came to see me that morning, which was totally fine with me. He knew what was going on. I had prepped him on what was going to happen in the weeks leading up to this special day. CW & BW both spent the morning with their Grandpa. Once the two boys were gone, Mr. GBE was back at my side. And at that time, I was already in the tub.

The tub was relaxing, at first. Eventually, I couldn’t stay in it any longer. My legs kept ‘falling asleep’. Somehow my midwife and Mr. GBE convinced me to get out and go to the bed. But first, I made a pit stop. While relieving myself, I suddenly yelled, ‘I HAVE TO PUSH.’ And I should also mention that I have had my eyes closed for the majority of my labor. And at that moment, I happened to look at Mr. GBE. I saw panic. He was freaked that I could deliver this baby on the toilet. That freaked me out a little too. Thank goodness for my midwife. She was so calm, and she along with Mr. GBE moved me to the bed. I don’t know how I got there, but I did. It was show time.

I should disclose that with CW & BW I had epidurals. This time around, I could feel everything!! But the best feeling was reaching down and feeling MW’s head. It really made me feel like all my effort was really doing something. I got really excited to meet this baby, and specifically see if we were having a girl or a boy since we didn’t know that we were having a baby MW. It could have been a baby AM for all I knew at that time. After baby’s head was out, I did feel that my midwife was jockeying baby around a little. I knew the shoulders were stuck, but I’m so glad she didn’t verbalize this. Hearing it probably would have freaked me out a bit. And after the shoulders were worked loose, baby came right out.

And I held baby immediately. I was in love. While holding baby, Mr. GBE and I looked. I waited almost 41 weeks, so we looked immediately. We looked before counting fingers and toes. We looked, and we saw that we had a beautiful, baby boy.  My MW. He didn’t cry or scream. He was so calm. I was so calm. I talked to him, and loved on him. I told him about his brothers. I fell in love all over again.

It's not the most flattering of photos, but what do you expect after 4 hours of hard labor? I was lost in the moment of our first cuddle. <3

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Grab 'n Go Giveaway!

Below is a partial repost from a couple of weeks ago for those of you that may have missed it.

‘At BW’s age {now 26 months}, I don’t always feel the need to take a diaper with us while running errands. Sometimes I remember and other times I don’t. And really, all I need to take is one diaper for emergencies. Even when BW was younger, 1 diaper was all I needed for short outings. Again, it was more for an emergency diaper change than a need for another diaper while we were out and about. Leslie’s Grab ‘N Go bags are perfect for holding 1 diaper plus a few wipes. They are small and fit in a large purse easily. I should also mention that their size is a plus since I’m not one for diaper bags. As soon as my babies outgrow the need for me to pack along everything plus the kitchen sink, I’m back to my regular bags.
As you can see in the following photo, I’ve placed a diaper in the outer pocket to show how a single diaper looks in the G‘nG bags. I think it’s safe to say that most diapers would fit well in the outer pocket. The yellow OS FuzziBunz is even double stuffed. There’s plenty of room for your bulky diapers and of course trim AIOs {All-in-Ones} will fit perfectly as well.
If you’re a cloth wipe user while away from the house, just put a few pre-moistened wipes inside the zippered wet pocket. You’ll be set to go for your short trip away from home.’

I can’t say enough nice things about Leslie’s Boutique wet bags. The prints are cute. They are made in the USA. The concept of a wet/dry bag with a pleated outer part that is found on the medium & large wet/dry bags are genius. This keeps the outside pocket from taking up room from the inside wet pocket. And the compact size of the Grab ‘n Go bag makes for easy storage for one diaper while on the go. And quite possibly eliminates the need for a diaper bag. Be brave & go run errands using your regular ‘non-mom’ bag.

Green Baby Elephant is happy to giveaway a Grab 'n Go bag in Disco Dots to one lucky fan!!  Good luck to everyone that enters the giveaway.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let's chat about newborn dipes

I have about 6 weeks until baby #3 arrives, and I’m starting to think about what kind of cloth diapers I am going to use. When BW was born, he was 9 lbs. and 23 in. Big boy! And I didn’t start cloth diapering him until he was a month old. We didn’t have a baby shower for him until then, and that is when I was gifted with my first cloth diapers. With this baby, I’m not planning on using newborn diapers for very long, but I do want to use them to have experience with them. Newborn diapers are the only thing I do not have personal experience using. While I take great pride in insuring that Green Baby Elephant sells high quality diapers that have been tested on my boys, my sister took over and cloth diapered her newborn boy. She did a great job using different diapers on my nephew, and you can read about her experiences in the archives{May 2011}. My sister also had to put up with me asking her a billion questions so that I could make sure that Green Baby Elephant carries great newborn diapers. And now that it’s my turn to try out newborn diapers, I have lots of ideas of what I’m going to try. Thanks to my sister and her baby, the following brands are all carried  and highly recommended in the Green Baby Elephant shop.
  • Thirsties size 1: Duo Wraps, Hemp Prefolds, Stay Dry Inserts, Fab Fitteds, Duo All-In-Ones, & Duo Diapers
  • GroVia Newborn All-In-Ones: the new style with hemp & stay dry liners
  • BabyKicks OneSize Basic
  • FuzziBunz X-Small
  • bumGenius Newborn All-In-Ones
  • Knickernappies Infant Prefolds {with Snappis & Thirsties Duo Wraps}

And I should also mention that I do feel that newborn diapers have their place. Not everyone makes big babies, and most one size diapers really don’t start to fit until 10 lbs. Even once one size diapers begin to fit, they are rather large and bulky on newborns. Size/bulk is the biggest complaint I get from parents that cloth diaper their newborns with one size diapers. The next most common complaint is leaking from the legs. Often newborns have the skinniest little chicken legs, and it’s difficult to get a good fit with a one size diaper on chicken legged babes. To get a nice trim fit, a newborn diaper is great. They also allow for all of those cute onesies to be worn by your baby, which is nice to not have to go out and get new clothes.
My little chicken legged nephew wearing a GroVia Newborn AIO. <3 him to bits.

If you are concerned about spending money on newborn diapers in addition to a one size stash, I should mention from personal experience that you go through many, many, many diapers that are aren’t even used. My boys were notorious for peeing on diapers before they were even worn. And I can’t even count the number of times a fresh diaper was poo’ed in before even leaving the changing table. Now that I look back, we went through many bags of newborn and size 1 disposable diapers that weren’t worn for more than 2 minutes. And 2 minutes may be an exaggeration. It was probably more like 45 seconds. So, so wasteful on my part {and theirs as well! Little stinkers!}. Because newborn diapers are used for a limited time, the wear and tear on them are minimal. This means that they’ll be in great condition for multiple babies, either your own, nephews, nieces, cousins or to sell to other families.

Tell me what other brands do you think I should try? What brands have you used successfully? Since I may only have a short window of time to use a newborn diaper, I’m looking for suggestions now. I do a lot of research before adding products to Green Baby Elephant, and now is the time for and updated look at different newborn diapers that are available. Let me know either here on the blog or on the Facebook page what you think I should try that could be potentially added to the shop or what brands Green Baby Elephant already carries that you are anxious for me to try. I’ll do my best to accommodate requests, and answer any questions you may have. And be sure to let your expecting friends know about Green Baby Elephant. This is going to be a great time to learn about newborn diapers as I’ll be blogging and documenting my experiences.

BW's 1st CD. It was a one-size GroBaby. He was also a little over 1 month. No chicken legs here! When CW looked at this pic, he told me that BW looks so little with a BIG orange diaper. :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Travel Tips

This summer we’ll be homebound while awaiting Baby Elephant #3’s arrival, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream of a vacay. Maybe this year it’ll be a stay-cation with a long day at Breakers Waterpark with the fam. But whatever your plans are this summer, I thought I’d give a list of a few helpful items to pack along for your travels, whether you cloth diaper, do a hybrid option, or use sposies while away from home.

Access to a washer & dryer, but not a diaper sprayer? Pack GroVia BioLiners to help make cleaning up messy diapers that much easier. These are flushable, and at most a quick swish in the toilet will be all you’ll need to do to rinse away any excess poo.

Don’t want to mess with cloth while away from home? GroVia BioSoakers make for a nice hybrid option. Use their OS Shells and a disposable {compostable, if you’re into it} BioSoaker for a green diapering system. GroVia shells wash up nicely in bathroom sinks, and they dry quickly. I even learned a great drying tip from a grandma at a diaper party. To help speed up the drying process if you are in a rush or a humid climate, use a dry towel to squeeze out excess water from the shell by rolling shell up tightly in the towel. This will help wick away even more water after an initial hand wringing. Another perk of traveling with BioSoakers is their compact size. A pack of 20 is smaller than a pack of 20 disposable diapers. And I normally travel with 4 shells, whether we’re gone for a weekend or a couple of weeks. You can read more about BioSoakers, and even see detailed pics of them on an older blog post. Warning! It was about a major tummy bug that was going through BW's system at the time. But the detailed pics showing how easy they are to use are good for those of you on the fence about whether to use these or not.

Let’s talk dirty clothes & diapers. Wet bags & pail liners are for more than just storing dirty diapers while away from home. I’ve used pail liners for keeping dirty clothes separate from clean clothes in suitcases. It makes unpacking and packing while on vacation a little more organized. And Lord knows I need help with keeping things organized, especially on vacation. Leslie’s Boutique Wet/Dry bags are great for keeping clean & dirty diapers or clothes together yet separate at the same time. So use them for days at the beach or resort pools. Stash sunscreen & hotel keys in the dry section too! Pack a few bags to ensure that you’ll always have a clean one when you need it. These can also be hand washed and line dried while on vacation.

Swim party! Don’t bring along disposable swim diapers. Pack a reusable swim diaper or two for your water activities while on vacation. These will take up less room than a pack of diapers, and are super easy to wash in the sink. Why should you pack 2 reusable swim diapers? This way if one is becomes messy, the party doesn’t have to end. The second diaper can be waiting in the dry pouch of a wet/dry bag.

And don’t feel bad if you don’t think you can travel and use cloth at the same time. Do what if comfortable for you and your little one. But you may be pleasantly surprised by how easy it can be. Even on short weekend trips away from home I often alternate between using BioSoakers and taking cloth diapers with me. It all depends on my mood. So relax on your vacation, and wherever you go this summer, I wish you all safe travels and wonderful memories!

P.S. Since we don’t have travel plans, I’d love to hear where you’re planning on traveling. Visiting family? Theme parks? Camping? Maybe a weekend get away without the kiddos? {That sounds heavenly!}

Grab 'n Go

My 'diaper bag'
At BW’s age {now 26 months}, I don’t always feel the need to take a diaper with us while running errands. Sometimes I remember and other times I don’t. And really, all I need to take is one diaper for emergencies. Even when BW was younger, 1 diaper was all I needed for short outings. Again, it was more for an emergency diaper change than a need for another diaper while we were out and about. Leslie’s Grab ‘N Go bags are perfect for holding 1 diaper plus a few wipes. They are small and fit in a large purse easily. I should also mention that their size is a plus since I’m not one for diaper bags. As soon as my babies outgrow the need for me to pack along everything plus the kitchen sink, I’m back to my regular bags. 

 As you can see in the picture below, I’ve placed a diaper in the outer pocket to show how a single diaper looks in the G‘nG bags. I think it’s safe to say that most diapers would fit well in the outer pocket. The yellow OS FuzziBunz is even double stuffed. There’s plenty of room for your bulky diapers and of course trim AIOs {All-in-Ones} will fit perfectly as well. 

 If you’re a cloth wipe user while away from the house, just put a few pre-moistened wipes inside the zippered wet pocket. You’ll be set to go for your short trip away from home. 

This morning I spent some time reorganizing my laundry room. I have a cart that stores shoes in cubbies, shelves for miscellaneous items, a hamper, and a little side pouch for other necessities. I love keeping my wet bags stored right where I round up the kiddos to leave the house. All I need to do is grab a diaper. {Ok, that’s a fib. I make CW get a diaper for me. I can even be brand specific. He knows his cloth!} So while the boys are putting on their shoes, I put a clean diaper in the bag, throw it in my purse, and then I’m good to go. And often I keep a wet bag with a diaper stashed in the van. This is especially handy since I’ve been so forgetful lately now that I’m in the last few weeks of my pregnancy. And I highly recommend having several wet bags. This keeps down on the wear and tear of the PUL & fabric. And it ensures that you’ll always have a clean one ready to go when you are. Leslie’s Grab ‘N Go Bags are $12.99 and come in cute prints. Green Baby Elephant also carries a wide selection of larger wet bags, wet/dry bags, hanging pails, and pail liners for all of your cloth diaper storage needs.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Little GroVia® AIO Love

I first became a fan of All In One diapers when I bought a few DreamEze diapers. The DreamEze were amazing, and fit in perfect with my then new stash of GroBaby Diapers. So, yes, I’m now dating myself in the cloth diapering world. In 2 short years, cloth diapers have drastically changed. I dug up a baby pic of BW sporting his first AIO, a DreamEze.
He had the cutest fluffy biscuits!

And here he is at 2, looking cute and trim in his GroVia OS AIO.

If you’re looking for a complete review about GroVia’s fabulous OS AIOs, you can read it here. BW was about 16 months in the photographs when that review was written. There are also great photos showing the details of the OS AIO on that post. I should also quickly mention that now that we're in the beginning stages of potty training, the side snaps make the diaper easy to pull on and off without unsnapping the diaper. They have been complementing the GroVia My Choice Trainers quite nicely in this process.

GroVia has very recently added new prints to their line, so there are even more adorable options to choose from. Personally, I love how they don’t fall in the trap of using baby-ish prints. The Owls & Planes are a fave of mine, and while I’m sad to see them go I am starting to gravitate towards the new Woodlands & Bicycle prints. Since I don’t know the gender of baby #3, I love that I have 2 gender neutral prints to add to my stash. {But if Baby is a girl, I’ll be putting a Peacocks on her in a millisecond!}

So what is your favorite Grovia new or discontinued print? You can see and purchase the discontinued and new prints in OS AIOs, OS AI2 Shells, and Newborn AIOs at

And to celebrate the brand new GroVia® prints, Green Baby Elephant is happy to giveaway 1 One Size All In One in the fabulous Bicycle print! 

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

GroVia® My Choice Trainer Meets BW

So there are tons of potty training methods. My method is to wing it. It takes longer than those 3 day or weekend methods, may cost me more in terms of sanity, and it definitely has its ups and downs. But that’s how I roll. This is my second go around with potty training. My first born, CW, was out of diapers at about 28 months. And that was 1 month after his little brother was born. This time around, I’m attempting a fully potty trained boy before baby #3 arrives this July. Call me ‘Crazy’. I don’t mind. Really.

As of right now, it has been adventurous. With BW, he’s either hit or miss when it comes to sitting on the potty. And to be completely honest, he doesn’t always sit. He has to stand while making an attempt. Cute, but messy. And I’m totally taking advantage of his big brother worship by encouraging him to go when brother goes. Poor big brother. His ‘shadow’ now follows him to the bathroom. And it’s enforced by mommy. As the oldest child in my family, I feel his pain! 

Anyways, this time around I’m not using disposable training pants, and the experience has been wonderful!! I used to freak out every time CW had an ‘accident’ in his pull-up. I could just about hear the ‘clink-clink’ of 50 cents being thrown in the garbage can. Since we’re in the early stages of potty training, I’ve started using GroVia® My Choice Trainers. I love them. I’m not throwing my money away every time BW doesn’t make it to the potty in time. I also love that it doesn’t feel like a cloth diaper inside. No cotton & no fleece. The inner layer is silky smooth and feels similar to that of soft basketball/athletic shorts, which GroVia® calls GroCool. The difference in the material makes a difference to BW. I’ve been using side snapping diapers as trainers. But to him he knows they are diapers, and realizes that he can use them as such. So I really love how the inner GroCool layer does not have that cloth diaper feel! He really does much better staying dry when wearing a My Choice Trainer, and I think it is because it doesn’t have that ‘diaper feel’. The trainers also have snaps, so I can easily change him like a diaper if I need to. And I have needed to do that, but for the most part it’s easier to just pull the trainer off and on him. I’ve also been line drying the trainers, as I do with all of my cloth diapers. And while they are quite stiff when air dried due to the cotton/hemp inner layer, they are still soft on the inside since they are lined with that soft GroCool lining. They also air dry very quickly, especially here in the hot desert sun. There is also a pocket opening to allow you to add more absorbency to the trainers if need be. Think naps, nights, longer trips out of the house. There are also one set of rise snaps in the front of the trainer. BW has it snapped down at this point. It’s nice that there is sizing flexibility in the trainer as far as the rise. It really helps to get a good fit. The flexible side panels also come in a larger size to accommodate bigger kiddos. They are sold separately. And I didn’t take any pictures, but CW {4 years & 40+ lbs} fits in the trainer. He does need the larger side panels. I should also mention that BW is 2 years & 25 lbs. He’s a tall and lanky kid.

I’m sure we’ll be working on potty learning for quite some time, and the GroVia® My Choice Trainers are super handy. I’ve been thinking about why trainers should be used instead of going straight from cloth diapers to underwear. For me, I need that added protection that my carpets and furniture are safe when I can’t watch BW like a hawk. At times he wears underwear around the house, but it still makes me nervous since accidents are a common occurrence. Trainers can make for a cleaner transition from diapers to underwear. Also since another baby is on the way, using trainers is giving my stash a chance to ‘rest’ before being used again. It helps to keep additional wear and tear at bay while using trainers, and I know I’ll be using trainers when baby #3 is ready for them.

As the adventures in potty training continue, I’ll do my best to let you all know about them. I really, really hope to have BW as close to potty trained as possible before July. Here goes nothin’…

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Potty Training in Paradise

After what seemed like the longest 6 months of my life, my 3 year old is finally mostly potty trained. I say mostly because he definitely wets at nighttime, and still has an occasional accident here and there. Our potty training journey began when my sister came to visit last September. EB {my youngest} was only four months old and I was resistant to any talk regarding potty training. I was still trying to adjust to splitting my time between two children and recuperating from our very recent move from the mainland to the islands. The only steps I had taken at the time were setting the little potty out for LA {my oldest son} to familiarize himself with and of course purchasing a Costco sized jar of chocolate covered raisins to reward him {me} with. I was waiting for that perfect weekend to set everything aside and devote the time solely to potty training with total success in 48 hours, as promised to me in a book I read. And that book is now in the trash. Nevertheless, staying true to the bossy, older sister stereotype, my sis decided that it was indeed time to lay down the law! How could I refuse when she had so graciously lugged an enormous box full of Fuzzibunz for both boys?! {Large FB's for LA and OS FB's for lil’ EB} Guilt got the better of me, and I watched as she set about prepping the diapers all the while attempting to hype LA on this potty training thing.

She gathered a library of books and small toys in a basket to set by the potty. I was parked on the couch feeding EB silently wishing her the best. I knew that LA had a history of being impossible. I have to admit, I was glad that she was taking this task on, and even more glad that I was soon going to be able to taunt her with "I told you so's".

I anxiously listened for celebratory sounds to drift down the hall, but all I heard was a Veggie Tales songbook that I knew was soon going to become a problem. "God made you special and he loves you veryyyyyyyyy much!" I could tell from the look on sis's face that she was beginning to regret that this book had somehow managed to make its way into the potty library. Oh well, there was no going back now. LA had developed a fondness/obsession with this book that required it to be made available immediately upon his entry into the bathroom. He was like a king on his newly acquired throne. We learned many things from LA during those early days of potty training. He educated us on where babies came from, where food went after he ate it and he even counted what was left of the magic beans (choco raisins) after his Momma {myself} and Tia {my sis} had self-medicated throughout this whole potty training process. The number he came up with has no relevance....times were stressful for this Momma and her sis!

So, LA took immediately to his new size large Fuzzibunz diapers. They were slightly big for him, thanks to his chicken legs. However, this made it quite easy for him to pull up and down all by himself. That was key in those early days, and in fact still is! They are really soft and he still wears them at nighttime. Honestly, these diapers are really reliable and absorbent; I don't know that he has ever leaked out of them.

Now, let's fast forward a few months here. Grovia delighted the world of potty training mothers when they decide to add trainers to their repertoire. The Grovia My Choice Trainers are really versatile and have these fantastic elastic side panels that unsnap when nature unexpectedly calls and a change is necessary. The panels also help make those potty training slip ups much more bearable to clean up because they can be unsnapped at the sides just like a diaper. They also have snaps on the front so that you can adjust the rise to coincide with ‘overnight’ growth spurts. I really love the gender neutral gray color. Grovia trainers are extra special, because they contain a hidden layer of hemp built in underneath a soft lining that reminds me of basketball shorts, this keeps them trim, yet absorbent. The bonus here is that they have a pocket, which you can stuff with whatever liner you choose to gain the absorbency needed to keep up with your little one. This is what makes them great for nighttime, nap time and those first outings before you trust your little one to "hold it". We use them for long car rides and play dates {when for some reason he has lost all ability to stop playing with enough time to make it to the restroom}. He never fights with me to put them on, I tell him they are his big boy underwear, he thinks they are cozy; it's a win-win. They go on and off the same as his underroos. In all honesty, we have had a few overnight leaks these. However, they are almost always because someone {me} decides in poor taste to give in to LA's thirst plea right before bedtime. I am convinced that nothing can soak up the repercussions of that witless decision.

We also use Super Undies. These are super cute and super absorbent. The actually look like underroos and have the familiar "s" tag on the front that boys instantly recognize from birth. They are bright red and have white stretchy panels on the sides. They are a bit bulkier than the Grovia Trainers, but foot the bill if you want something that really looks like underwear for your little one. These are most like traditional training pants, however, much more reliable! These will save you from puddles on the floor during playtime and nap time battles when your child refuses to put a diaper on. Also, you can sneak in a liner by way of the hidden pocket in the crotch. Sneaky, sneaky.

In case you don't know, we live in Hawaii, and we sweat, a lot! Both of these trainers {GroVia & Super Undies} take it like a champ, and wick the moisture away from him and keep him dry and rash free. All of this without smelling like a locker room, which is a total bonus for me as I endure more than my share of smells already, living with 3 boys. My DH has taken no issue with cloth training pants and rather likes that he can just toss the soiled pant right in EB's diaper pail and his job is done.
So, if you are past cloth diapering and are fed up with plastic, disposable training pants and expensive pull-ups, that leak, stink, and itch your little one, then make the switch to cloth! It will make the transition from diapers to undies so easy and will save you from many a night time battle from the older preschooler that is too old to wear diapers! They can be passed down to younger siblings, friends, or resold. One last thing, I read somewhere that the majority of kids are still not potty trained through the night until the age of 5. Even if you are not a math whiz, I am fairly certain that you get the point, when you consider the ridiculous cost of one small bag of pull ups every other week, for the next 2-3 years.

Aloha and happy potty training to you and yours!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Easter Basket GBE Style

Call me crazy, but I keep the chocolate out of the Easter basket when my little ones are too small to eat it. I save it all for myself! No joke. But I do struggle with ideas of what to put in the basket. Often it is trinket-y toys or bibs or cute cups or crayons or PJ’s and the like. This year I thought how it would be super cute to make a Green Baby Elephant Easter basket. I made up a basket using Mr. GBE’s childhood Easter basket using different cloth diapers, accessories, and toys. And I just love the colors! It’s so spring-y. Since Baby Elephant #3 is still in the womb, this will be next year’s basket for sure!

In the Easter basket above are the following:
FuzziBunz One-Size Elite in Tootie Frootie
Thirsties Duo Diaper in Honeydew
Leslie’s Boutique Wet.Dry Bag in Day & Night
Eazz Wrap Burp Cloth
GroVia One Size Shell in Mandarin
Bummis Swimmi in Pizzazz
Thirsties Fab Wipes – Girl Colors
Hevea Pond Bath Toys
A few additional gift ideas for your baby bunny are:
Hevea pacis
Hevea Panda Teether
Rock-a-Thigh Baby Socks
Leslie’s Boutique Changing Pad
And of course an assortment of cloth diapers
All of the above and more can be found at Green Baby Elephant’s Shop. HappyEaster!!