Contributor Biographies

Tonya is the owner of Green Baby Elephant LLC.  She is also the mom to two rough and tumble boys.  Her introduction to cloth diapers didn’t happen until her second baby.  She was given cloth diapers as a gift, and once she gave them a try she was instantly hooked.  Feeding this addiction wasn’t easy since cloth diapers are not easily found in Tucson area stores.  Tonya recognized a need for moms to see in person what modern cloth diapers are all about, and Green Baby Elephant was born.  She has experience in using a wide variety of cloth diapers from pockets to prefolds.  Right now, her favorite cloth diapers are anything that have a hook and loop closure.  It’s the only way to get a diaper on her youngest son.  Her oldest son only wears diapers at night.  He loves the switch to cloth and is very specific about what he likes to wear.  Tonya’s other interests are gardening and napping.

Lindsay, mother of two and pediatric medical nutrition therapist to many. For the birth of her first child she was given a package of cloth diapers (prefolds), plastic covers and a package of pins. Without any idea on how to make the diaper stay around the baby’s waist she decided that cloth diapers made better burp cloths and someone else could use the scratchy covers. It wasn’t until Tonya had been given her cloth diapers that Lindsay had the chance to see that it didn’t have to be the “old fashioned” kind of cloth diapers that her mother had used on her. These new cloth diapers were cute and easy! What Lindsay loved most about cloth diapering an infant was that when her baby wet the diaper the tiniest amount (usually immediately after changing her), there was no guilt about throwing out a hardly used diaper (wasting another $.30). The cloth diapers just went in the wash. She could use as many diapers in one day as she pleased! What she currently loves about cloth diapering a toddler is the fun colors and soft fabrics that her little girl gets to enjoy, and the good feeling of not putting tons of non-degrading diapers in the landfills.

Karen is a mom to two children and began cloth diapering her 2nd baby when she was 4 months old.  Her daughter had been experiencing persistant diaper rash with disposables so Karen decided to try using cloth as an alternative.  Her daughter's rash cleared up within a few days and she has continued using cloth diapers ever since.  Karen loves using cloth diapers, although she is realistic and occassionally still uses disposable diapers.  It doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing endeavor with cloth diapers.  Karen has used a variety of cloth diapers, from prefolds & covers to All-In-One's.  Her current favorites are pocket diapers with snaps. 

Nina is a mom to a 2 year old boy with another boy due any day.  She dabbled with cloth diapers with her first baby when he was having severe diaper rash.  However, she didn't continue using cloth due to not having enough information about cloth diapers.  She has used cloth diapers off and on with her son, and is now making a switch to use cloth much more often.  Potty training is on the horizon, and Nina is looking forward to cloth diapers facilitating her son's potty learning.  With her baby boy on the way, she plans to use cloth on him.  She is our go to mom for diapering a newborn baby.  Watch for her reviews of newborn diapers!

Lindsay is a medical nutrition therapist and certified diabetes educator at the Angel Wing Clinic for Children with Diabetes and other Endocrine Disorders. She works with children and their families to help them achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle. Lindsay received a Bachelor of Science degree from Arizona State University and was awarded a Masters of Science from the University of Rhode Island.