Wednesday, May 9, 2012

GroVia® My Choice Trainer Meets BW

So there are tons of potty training methods. My method is to wing it. It takes longer than those 3 day or weekend methods, may cost me more in terms of sanity, and it definitely has its ups and downs. But that’s how I roll. This is my second go around with potty training. My first born, CW, was out of diapers at about 28 months. And that was 1 month after his little brother was born. This time around, I’m attempting a fully potty trained boy before baby #3 arrives this July. Call me ‘Crazy’. I don’t mind. Really.

As of right now, it has been adventurous. With BW, he’s either hit or miss when it comes to sitting on the potty. And to be completely honest, he doesn’t always sit. He has to stand while making an attempt. Cute, but messy. And I’m totally taking advantage of his big brother worship by encouraging him to go when brother goes. Poor big brother. His ‘shadow’ now follows him to the bathroom. And it’s enforced by mommy. As the oldest child in my family, I feel his pain! 

Anyways, this time around I’m not using disposable training pants, and the experience has been wonderful!! I used to freak out every time CW had an ‘accident’ in his pull-up. I could just about hear the ‘clink-clink’ of 50 cents being thrown in the garbage can. Since we’re in the early stages of potty training, I’ve started using GroVia® My Choice Trainers. I love them. I’m not throwing my money away every time BW doesn’t make it to the potty in time. I also love that it doesn’t feel like a cloth diaper inside. No cotton & no fleece. The inner layer is silky smooth and feels similar to that of soft basketball/athletic shorts, which GroVia® calls GroCool. The difference in the material makes a difference to BW. I’ve been using side snapping diapers as trainers. But to him he knows they are diapers, and realizes that he can use them as such. So I really love how the inner GroCool layer does not have that cloth diaper feel! He really does much better staying dry when wearing a My Choice Trainer, and I think it is because it doesn’t have that ‘diaper feel’. The trainers also have snaps, so I can easily change him like a diaper if I need to. And I have needed to do that, but for the most part it’s easier to just pull the trainer off and on him. I’ve also been line drying the trainers, as I do with all of my cloth diapers. And while they are quite stiff when air dried due to the cotton/hemp inner layer, they are still soft on the inside since they are lined with that soft GroCool lining. They also air dry very quickly, especially here in the hot desert sun. There is also a pocket opening to allow you to add more absorbency to the trainers if need be. Think naps, nights, longer trips out of the house. There are also one set of rise snaps in the front of the trainer. BW has it snapped down at this point. It’s nice that there is sizing flexibility in the trainer as far as the rise. It really helps to get a good fit. The flexible side panels also come in a larger size to accommodate bigger kiddos. They are sold separately. And I didn’t take any pictures, but CW {4 years & 40+ lbs} fits in the trainer. He does need the larger side panels. I should also mention that BW is 2 years & 25 lbs. He’s a tall and lanky kid.

I’m sure we’ll be working on potty learning for quite some time, and the GroVia® My Choice Trainers are super handy. I’ve been thinking about why trainers should be used instead of going straight from cloth diapers to underwear. For me, I need that added protection that my carpets and furniture are safe when I can’t watch BW like a hawk. At times he wears underwear around the house, but it still makes me nervous since accidents are a common occurrence. Trainers can make for a cleaner transition from diapers to underwear. Also since another baby is on the way, using trainers is giving my stash a chance to ‘rest’ before being used again. It helps to keep additional wear and tear at bay while using trainers, and I know I’ll be using trainers when baby #3 is ready for them.

As the adventures in potty training continue, I’ll do my best to let you all know about them. I really, really hope to have BW as close to potty trained as possible before July. Here goes nothin’…

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