Monday, September 17, 2012

GroVia Love x2

Now that I have 2 in diapers, 1 full-time & 1 part-time, I’m all about having a diaper that fits them both with minimal adjusting. GroVia is one of those systems, specifically, the All-In-Two {AI2}. Below are a few photos demonstrating the 3 sizes with the OS shell. Don't worry that the soaker pad is larger than the shell. It's never been a problem when MW is wearing a GroVia AI2.

The GroVia OS Shell with a soaker fits them both. BW is now 2 ½ & 28 lbs. MW is almost 8 weeks & 13+ lbs. BW wears a shell & soaker for naps and a shell, stay-dry soaker, & 2 boosters at night. MW wears a shell & a stay-dry soaker during the day & nights. At this point, I’m convinced he is never going to figure out the difference between night & day. Or maybe he does know, and he gets a kick out of torturing me by sleeping way too much during the day. Honestly, he's too cute for me to even care. I can stare at him all day & night. Just don't mind the dirty dishes in the sink. :)

Above is a photo of both the boys in their matching OS Shells. BW’s shell has snaps, and MW’s shell is hook & loop. BW wears the snap shell on the medium rise setting with only a stay dry soaker pad. MW’s shell is set to the smallest rise setting. He began to wear the OS shell at about 9-10 lbs.


When BW wears GroVia at night, I use a stay dry soaker pad & 2 boosters. I fold one booster in half and place it under the top layer of the soaker pad at the front of the soaker. And then I lay the 2nd booster on top of the soaker pad. At this point, the diaper is a tad bulky as you can see. He now needs the rise to be completely unsnapped. It fits him well and is still snug around the legs.

I’ve blogged in the past about GroVia’s AI2 system, but I still would like to point out a few nice features of using the AI2s. Right now, I do laundry every day since MW goes through 12-16 diapers a day. Add 2 diapers from BW’s naps & nights, plus a trainer every now and then, and you get a big load to wash every day. Using GroVia AI2s means the laundry  loads are smaller since the majority of the load will be soaker pads. You can reuse shells multiple times before they need to be washed.  Another nice feature is that the backs of the soaker pads are waterproof {TPU}. When removing a soiled & wet soaker, you don’t have to touch the wet part of the soaker. Instead of explaining, just take a look at the picture below.

With as many diapers that I’m changing throughout the day, I find it’s particularly nice to remove a dirty soaker pad without getting my hands messy. My biggest dilemma is snaps or hook & loop. No need to choose one over the other, so I have both styles in my stash! Want to try out GroVia, check out the whole line of their products at Green Baby Elephant.


  1. Excellent review! We have some and they are my husband's favorite, but I've never seen the new inserts with the stay dry fleece. I love the new insert design!!! I'm definitely going to have to get more of these!

  2. Thank you Amy! The Stay Dry Soakers are amazing. And there are plenty in stock at Green Baby Elephant {} :)