Monday, April 25, 2011

Earth Day Faux Pas

Since using cloth diapers, I have made more of a conscience effort to be greener in my everyday life. Nothing major like going off the grid or anything, but just small changes that I feel will slowly make a difference. I talked more about this is my post about the 3 R’s. So when Earth Day rolled around, I really want to make a point to be green. I went to Target, and forgot my bags. No biggie though. I just threw my purchases in my purse/diaper bag. It’s a big bag, but I also have to brag that I walked out of Target and spent under $100. Sweet! Next on my list for the day was laundry. I switched to washing the boys’ clothes on cold. I don’t know why I have been washing their clothes warm/cold, but I have since CW was born. With the amount of laundry we do this should help offset a tiny bit of the impending electricity costs once the A/C is running this summer. But I’m really switching to cold water to keep from being wasteful and using warm water for no reason. So far the score is Earth 2 Me 0. WooHoo!

my hip purse/diaper bag

Now on to the tragedy of the day. {The title did give it away.} Since Earth Day was also Good Friday, we had plans to visit with family and go to church in the evening. Once again, no biggie. I leave the house all the time using cloth diapers. But that day happened to be the holy day for the green movement. I had to get this right. No pressure. I packed my bag: wipes, wet bag {the most forgotten item in my bag}, toys, snacks, cup, bib, books, wallet, keys, diaper. Let me be more specific. That was one diaper & no phone. *gah* How did I make it without my phone?! Easy. I spent a good amount of energy kicking myself for packing one diaper. BW  needed changings in record time, so the diaper he was wearing when we left the house and the diaper I packed were used. Here I was at Good Friday service on the verge of gagging while holding BW outside in the breezeway without a clean diaper to change him into. I didn’t know what to do. I’ve never under packed like this before. The horror of being stuck at a place with a poopy kid was awful. I felt like a leper, he smelled so bad. I had 3 options: strap his poopy biscuits in the car, drive the 3 minutes home to change him and hope my fam didn’t notice, try to not gag all over him and hold BW outside for the 40 minutes remaining in the service, or scrounge around in the nursery for a *gasp* disposable diaper. I took option three and am glad I did. So yes, on Earth Day I used a disposable diaper. *whew* I’m glad I got that off my chest. Faux Pas Schmo Paw. BW was once again my happy boy, and I didn’t want to gag all over him. A disposable diaper happened to save the day. I’m not ashamed! Final Score Earth 2 Me 1. There's always next Earth Day.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another First Time Cloth Diaper Experience

I have been using cloth diapers for over a year now and I really enjoy the process.  I love using products that are better for my baby, I love that I'm not contributing to unnecessary waste, and I'm glad that I can save money by not buying disposable diapers every few weeks.
My journey to choosing cloth has been quite an adventure.  I started investigating the idea of cloth diapers when my first child was under 2 years old.  But at that time I decided it wasn't an investment I wanted to make since he was older and close to potty training.  At that time the only information I had about cloth diapers was what I found on  I had no idea that there was a larger community for cloth diapers, and at that point I put the idea on hold.
Then my daughter was born in October of 2009.  I started with disposables but did quite a bit more research about cloth and I discovered a multitude of online communities that provided a plethora of information about various types & brands of cloth diapers.  It was a bit overwhelming.  I researched for 2 months before making my first purchase, which was 2 diaper covers & a set of 6 prefolds.  I started out basic to see if I would enjoy the process. 
I fell in love with cloth and began to increase my stash of diapers, using pocket diapers, fitteds & covers, and all-in-ones.  My husband was surprisingly supportive since he realized we wouldn't be spending $20-$30 every few weeks on diapers that would ultimately be thrown in the trash.  Literally throwing our money away.
Now that my daughter is 18 months old, my cloth diaper needs have evolved with her.  We now primarily use snap diapers since she is quite skilled at undoing the velcro.  I also work outside of the home part time and my parents watch my kids while I am gone.  They have found cloth diapers to be much easier than they thought, and my mom loves using them on my daughter.  It really is FUN.
My journey with cloth diapers will continue until my daughter is potty trained, and then I will most likely sell my stash of diapers to other parents.  That's another perk of using cloth diapers: there is resale value.  You can't say that about disposables.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

The 3 R's

Jack Johnson, my new fav singer, has a song titled “The 3 R’s.”  It’s crazy addicting, and I find myself singing it to myself quite often.  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.   He sings about ways kids can live the 3 R’s. 

"If you're going to the market to buy some juice
You've got to bring your own bags and you learn to reduce your waste
And if your brother or your sister's got some cool clothes
You could try them on before you buy some more of those
Reuse, we've got to learn to reuse
And if the first two R's don't work out
And if you've got to make some trash
Don't throw it out
Recycle, we've got to learn to recycle…"

Such a simple message.  Not so simple to apply to our lives in today’s throw away culture. 
Growing up, my mom & dad were “green” because they wanted to save money.  I thought they were trying to ruin my life.  My mom made us bring lunch from home and use reusable lunch sacks.  Even in middle school! *Gah*  Talk about social suicide.  When we were young, she would find different toys and furniture in the alley or garage sales and fix them up for us.  This was cool since we did get “new” things.  But in all honesty, it wasn’t the same as getting something new in a box.  We saved cans and took them to get cash.  My dad used the backs of envelopes as note paper at his business.  He still does this today.  He also used paper towels to dry his hands and would let them air dry so they could be used again multiple times.  We {meaning me and my siblings} thought our parents were so lame.  Hello, let’s throw stuff away and buy new!!  And I can’t even count the number of times we were told to turn off lights when we left the room and to keep the front/back door closed.  “We’re not paying to heat/cool the outside.” Lame-o parents always ruining our fun.   
And the cycle of “lameness” continues with me and the hubs.  We yard sale, garden, recycle everything that we can.  Lights are turned off when not in use.  Thermostats are set to save a little money.  We use reusable grocery bags {when I remember}.  Electronics are unplugged when not in use.  And now we cloth diaper.   To say that using cloth diapers was life changing would be an understatement.  The amount of trash we throw away is so much less than it was with our first child.  And this may be a little TMI, but it’s not half as stinky as it used to be.  Think used diapers, garbage can outside, and hot Arizona summers. *Gag*  When I made the change to cloth wipes {this was a gradual transition} our trash output decreased even more.  I love that I’m not hauling garbage outside as often as I used to.  And not to brag, but *ahem* our recycle bin often has more in it than our garbage can.
So now, that we’re using cloth diapers and wipes, I’m looking for more ways to reuse things.  Much to the hubs frustration, I’m refusing to use paper towels to clean with.  I use our kitchen towels to wipe down the counters, table, and floors. {Yes, mealtimes are insanely messy here.}  I can use one kitchen towel instead of multiple paper towels.  And when it’s been used, I just throw it in the wash with whatever load is going in, except for diapers.  Easy.  Cloth wipes are also doubling as Kleenex for the boys.  Unfortunately, noses are always running.  Those I’ll throw in with diapers to wash.  Once again, less trash to throw out.  Awesome! 
I’m not trying to say, that we are such a super duper “green” family.  We’re not.  There’s more we could be doing, but we don’t for whatever reason.  I use paper bibs at restaurants.  We’ve been known to use paper plates on occasion.  Paper napkins are always used.  Disposable cups serve their purpose every now and then.  Ceiling fans are sometimes left on in rooms during the summer.  My list of transgressions can go on.
I’m learning that living the 3 R’s isn’t so difficult.  Small changes can have a huge impact.  However, at times it can be challenging.  Cloth diapers on vacation isn’t always the easiest, and grabbing a paper towel and tossing it in the trash means there is one less kitchen towel to fold.  But what kind of lesson am I teaching my boys?  Being mindful of our waste and using what we have is something that they can learn and pass on to their children.  Hopefully, I won’t have them commit social suicide in the process!

What do you do that is green? What are some things you’d like to try to change to become less wasteful?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thirsties Review/Giveaway*Closed*

So by now, I’ve already expressed my love for diapers with hook-and-loop.  It’s almost impossible to change my alligator baby without it.  Add middle of the night diaper changes, and I can almost lose my mind.  There’s no way I will change a screaming, rolling, thrashing, hungry, tired, wet baby without hook-and-loop. Period. Cue the Superman music. Here Thirsties comes to save the {night} day.  Thirsties Duo Diaper truly are a lifesaver.  Hemp + microfiber + stay-dry fleece + hook-and-loop = Good Nights.  Now that’s a lot of +’s.  Too good to be true?  Nope.  And once again, let me add  “but wait, there’s more!”  The same diaper fits both my now 1 year old {wah, I miss my baby} and my giant of a 3 year old.  Now that’s super amazing!

The fit.  Thirsties Duo Diapers come in two sizes: one and two.  Size one fits babies from 0-9 months or 6-18 lbs. And Size two fits 9-36 months or 18-40 lbs.  Both sizes have two rise snaps, which makes a total of 3 sizes per diaper.  The concept of the Duo Diaper, and every other product in their Duo line, comes from the fact that most one-size diapers do not fit babies from birth to potty training.  They found that creating two diapers helps to cover the smallest {newborn} to largest {potty training} of sizes.  Thirsties has even come up with a detailed size chart to help parents find the right size diaper for their baby.  How cool is that?  BW wears a size 2 at the smallest rise setting, and CW wears a size 2 unsnapped.  Lucky for me, CW only needs a diaper at night, but it’s nice to have a diaper that will fit both boys.  This comes in handy when we stay the night away from home.  I don’t need to pack separate diapers.
It’s a pocket diaper and then some.  The Duo diaper is known as a sleeve diaper.  This means that there is an opening for the insert in the back and the front.  Confused?  Let me explain.  They did this to help a mama out.  No one likes to pull out an insert with poo all up the back, and you don’t have to with the Duo diaper.  The insert agitates out in the wash.  I recommend rinsing the diaper with a sprayer if needed.  And to be completely honest, I still pull out the insert.  I know it agitates out.  I’ve seen the proof.  I just can’t help myself.  OCD?  Perhaps.  There are two inserts for the Duo diaper, and they both snap together at the top and bottom.  The microfiber insert snaps on top of the cotton/hemp insert.  Hemp is super absorbent.  We could say that it is quite..ahem..thirsty.  Sorry, I had to go there!  But since hemp doesn’t absorb as quickly to pull wetness away, the microfiber insert does that job beautifully.  The fleece that creates the barrier between the baby and the insert does a wonderful job at keeping baby dry.  I love knowing that the boys stay dry at night when using this diaper. I also tend to use this diaper when we leave the house for long errands.  I know it’ll hold a lot plus keep BW dry.  Both inserts are very thin.   
Hook-and-loop.  Ahhh, good ol’ hook-and-loop.  For my sanity this is the way to go.  It’s hard enough for me to wrestle a baby and get a diaper on without hook-and-loop, but I do see why parents love snaps.  Durable, harder for little fingers to undo, and no worries about getting the tabs fastened properly on the laundry tabs.  {The hubs has to be reminded every now and then to use the laundry tabs before tossing diapers in the pail. Yuck!}  For the record, I do have many diapers that have snaps, but I love using my Thirsties hook-and-loop Duo Diaper.  This is mainly due to not wanting to struggle with snaps in the middle of the night.  Personally, I hate turning on the lights at night, and want to change a diaper with as little fight as possible to not wake up the neighbors family.  So…once again, Thirsties is here to save the day.  Duo Diapers come in both hook-and-loop and snaps. 
Night solution.  While there are many nighttime diapering solutions, I have found that the Duo Diaper with an added hemp insert makes for a great overnight diaper.  It’s a little bulky with the extra hemp insert, but it’s not like they’re walking around at night.
Bonus features.  Who doesn’t love to find extra little perks?  The Duo Diaper coms in both bright and lovely pastel colors, as well as gender specific prints.  They have double gussets help keep the poo in.  This is a HUGE perk with breastfed babies.  No one likes a leaky diaper, and the Duo Diaper helps to keep that from happening.  What about stink?  Well, I haven’t had any stink issues.  For those of you that know what I’m talking about, I hope you believe me.  For those of you that don’t, I’ll let you in on a little secret.  Hemp plus night diapers can tend to have ammonia issues.  You’ll know it when you smell it.  *Whew* It can be nasty.  Now that’s a diaper that’s “Winning.” 

A little bit about Thirsties:

Thirsties® is a small (but growing!) cloth diaper company committed to greener
parenting and Eco Friendly solutions, not to mention 100% USA Made quality!
Erin, founder of Thirsties, started this business with an old sewing machine and
$100 5 years ago. Through her hard work and diligence, the company is now one of
the leaders in the cloth diaper industry. Our diapers are now made by work at
home mothers, and very close to our warehouse, reducing our carbon output. Our
customer service reps are experienced cloth diapering moms, and offer our
knowledge to our retailers and customers alike.

Here at Thirsties, we aim to provide the very best product and customer
service!  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please let us know!
You can request a catalog from Thirsties here.
And for a full list of retailers visit here.

Thirsties is generously offering a Duo Diaper to one lucky Green Baby Elephant follower!

Entries: You must leave a comment for each thing that you do.  And with each entry, please include your email address.
Mandatory Entry: Follow Green Baby Elephant’s blog.
You can earn extra entries by doing any of the following: {All may be done only once unless stated otherwise.}
#1 Be current fan or “like” Green Baby Elephant on Facebook.  Please post your Facebook name.
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#4 Take a look at all the great colors that Thirsties Duo Diapers come in at Green Baby Elephant and post your fav.
#5 Make a purchase from Green Baby Elephant and post your order number. (worth 10 extra entries)
This contest is open to US and Canadian residents only. You must correctly complete the mandatory entry to be eligible for the contest and in order to use any extra entries. Additionally, you must include a valid email address so we can contact the winner and you must use a valid blogger name, no anonymous entries will be accepted. This giveaway is open from Wednesday, April 13, 2011 through Saturday, April 30, 2011. A winner will be randomly chosen and then announced on Sunday, May 1, 2011.  The winner has 48 hours to respond.  If there is no response, a second winner will be chosen.  Thirsties will be mailing the prize to the winner.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Party Time

Last week I had the pleasure of getting together with a great group of women.  It feels odd to call them women since we have all grown up together.  These friends have been there through middle school angst, high school craziness, and one friend even made it through *gasp* elementary school with me.  It’s rare to have a group of friends with such long lasting ties.  And I’m blessed to be able to gather with the girls women and chit chat over yummy food with them on occasion.  Our last meet up found us on University Boulevard {close to the University of Arizona for those that are not local} at a long standing college hang out.  Let me add a little more info to help set the scene.  It was a Thursday night, packed with college students getting their drink on, and 5 hip 30 something ladies taking a break from our fams.
For this particular get together, cloth diapers were on the menu so to speak.  One friend, who has an adorable baby boy, asked me to bring some diapers for her to see.  I can’t say no to that!  So as dinner was coming to an end, I brought out the stash of cloth dipes to share.  We all ooo’ed and aaahh’ed over the colors, prints, and cuddly softness.  Questions were asked and answered.  Notes were taken in order to help remember the onslaught of diapers that were presented.  At one point it was mentioned how never in a million years would we have thought we’d all be together as adults talking about the benefits of cloth diapers. I think it was pretty amazing, and I think the rest of the gals would agree!  I wish I had thought of having someone take our picture to have proof, because it must have been an unusual sight.  We were uber hip passing around some of the best cloth diapers on a Thursday night down by the University of Arizona. {Go Cats!}
The whole purpose of Green Baby Elephant is to get Tucson moms together to see and talk about cloth diapers.  Diaper parties can be as formal or informal as you’d like.  It’s all about getting together and learning about the many benefits of cloth diapering.  So gather up your group of friends, and remember to include your non-mommy friends too, as often they are aunts, god-mothers, or have other wonderful relationships with our children.  At your party, I will literally bring the store to you.  No waiting for shipping or delivery! How often does a store come to you?  Contact me today and schedule your cloth diaper get together!
For anyone in Tucson that may not want to host a party, I would be thrilled to be able to bring cloth diapers to you.  This is an investment that you are making, and it's perfectly understandable to want to see before you buy.  And to my non-Tucsonan followers, I am happy to answer any cloth diapering questions you may have.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to BW

CW showing BW, 6weeks, some lovin'.
My baby is ONE! How did that happen? BW is my sweet and sour boy.  I love him to bits, and without him our family wouldn’t be complete.  Every two weeks I took a picture of him to document his first year.  This is a labor of love that began with his older brother.  I did the same for CW’s first year and continued the tradition for BW’s first year.   I’d like to share a few of my favs.    
BW @ 18 weeks

BW @ 7 months

BW @ 11 months...lookin' like trouble!
To celebrate his birthday, all Thirsties products are on sale. Since he was born on the 8th, it seems we're offering 8% off every Thirsties product at Green Baby Elephant.  No coupon necessary, and the sale ends 4/10/11. 

P.S. I love you BW. You are my sunshine! XOXOX


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

BabyKicks 3g

I came across BabyKicks when I was looking for a nighttime solution for BW.  BabyKicks makes great hemp inserts, and I tried and fell in love with their joey-bunz inserts.  They quickly became a go-to nighttime insert in a pocket diaper, but that is a whole different story that I will come back to in the future.  I just wanted to create a backstory for how I found such a great diaper company. 
So with all my cloth diaper research, I started to read great things about BabyKicks’ redesigned pocket diaper.  It was called the Bumboo pocket and now is known as the 3g.  I had to try it.  The hemp inserts I use are great, so I assumed the 3g had to be awesome.  I was so right!  This is probably one of the thinnest and most absorbent pocket diapers I have come across.  This is due to the joey bunz hemp insert that comes with it.  The first time BW wore a 3g was at a MOPS meeting.  A mommy friend, knowing that I cloth diaper, asked me if I was using a disposable since BW’s rear wasn’t so..uh..large.  I laughed, and immediately pulled down at the back of his pants to show off his new dipe.  She was impressed.  Now, I should mention that I don’t mind a cute, fluffy rear, but I can see how it can be off putting for some. 
Let’s talk about the unique aspects of this diaper.  First off, it’s a one-size diaper.  It seems like every diaper now-a-days is one-sized.  Honestly, most one-sized diapers don’t fit newborns and larger toddlers as they are potty training.  Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not knocking on one-sized diapers.  They are great and have huge money saving capabilities, it’s just that oftentimes they aren’t as one-size fits all for all babies.  With that said, the BabyKicks 3g quite possibly a true one-size diaper.  They have reverse snaps and a unique fold to create a newborn diaper, and with the rise snaps fully undone BabyKicks claims to fit up to 40lbs. 
There are two different types of fleece that make up this diaper.  I never knew that there was different fleece, so when Gina from BabyKicks was explaining it to me, I was amazed and impressed.  The inner fleece, like I mentioned, is absorbent, so the baby will feel wet.  This absorbency is great when using the newborn fold and also comes in handy while potty training since the joey-bunz insert doesn’t have to be used for either stage.  The fleece on the tabs and the leg gussets repel moisture.  Too good to be true?! No way! The super soft fleece gussets don’t leak at all.  This may just be too unbelievable for you, which is fine by me. Buy one ASAP and see for yourself!!
The sizing of this diaper goes from newborn to potty training, literally.  Starting with the unique newborn fold and ending with the great side snaps, which come in handy for your little one to pull up on the diaper similar to that of a training pant.  When used as a training pant, you may also use the 3g without an insert since the inner layer has some absorbency.  This will make them extremely thin! You may also go without an insert at the newborn size since the absorbency of the fleece may be enough for the first few days or so.  Now that’s a trim newborn diaper! The sizes between newborn to toddler are made by using the rise snaps.  There are 3 rise snaps, which is also unusual for a one size diaper.  Often there are 2 rise snaps, to create a total of 3 sizes for a one-size diaper.  The BabyKicks 3g has 5 rise settings! Now that’s just crazy {in a good way}!
Now, you’re probably thinking this diaper is pretty pimp. And you are right.  But before you buy, which I’m sure you’re going to want to since this is an awesome diaper, I want to fully disclose my experience with the 3g.  First, I have N.E.V.E.R. had a leak with this diaper.  I have used it with the one-size insert that comes with it and a second joey-bunz insert in it at night for my 3 year old, CW.  Never a leak!  And I must say, still a very trim night diaper with 2 inserts. I have also used this with BW without a leak.  CW loves this diaper so much, that he refused to believe that he had outgrown it.  One night I tried snapping it on, and no amount of him sucking in his adorable little belly helped.  He is simply too big now. That was a sad night in this house.  Fortunately, he is fully potty trained except for nights, so I don’t have to rely on using this as an everyday diaper.  Another thing that is noticeable in all the comparison pics with my Poppy (red) diaper and the new Azul (blue) diaper is that the inside is pilly.  This is purely aesthetics, and the pilly inside doesn’t take away from any comfort.  Remember that CW would request this diaper every night!  The one-size joey-bunz inserts do shrink.  Any cotton and hemp {this happens to be a blend} will shrink.  The insert fits  great inside the 3g.  An added bonus to the one-size joey-bunz insert is the sewn on lines to help you know where to fold it to correlate with the rise snaps.  Genius. 
The opening of the pocket, which is in the front, is a little small.  This is done for two reasons.  First to keep the diaper looking trim, and second to avoid pulling out the insert through the poo in the back of the diaper.  Luckily, my arms are skinny and I stuff all the pockets in this house.  I can’t imagine having the hubs match up all the pockets and the matching inserts. *Yikes* So problem solved by doing it myself.  Actually, problem solved, by doing all the diaper laundry myself, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

You can try your luck at winning a 3g for your little one by entering a giveaway that is sponsored by Green Baby Elephant at  Contest ends Friday, April 8, 2011. 


Monday, April 4, 2011

The Lingo

So I jumped right in with this blog assuming that everyone is familiar with the lingo in the cloth diapering world.  Here I’m going to go back to my teaching roots and define some of the more common cloth diaper terms.  This by no means is a complete list of the vocab you may come across when reading/talking about cloth diapers.  Instead it is a brief list of definitions to familiarize yourself with these words, and I listed the names of the diaper companies that Green Baby Elephant LLC has in stock for each term.  Hopefully this helps in your search to find the right cloth diaper(s) for your baby and you. 
Cloth Diaper Lingo 
Pre-fold diapers are rectangular shaped diapers consisting of cotton or a cotton/hemp blend. They have several layers with more layers in the middle. Pre-folds are often the most economical type of cloth diaper. They can be folded in many different ways.  They must be used with a cover as they are not waterproof.
Brands: Thirsties, BabyKicks
Diaper Covers are used to create a waterproof barrier.  They come in either snaps or hook and loop.  Often they are used with prefolds, inserts or fitted diapers.  Covers are made up of either PUL (polyurethane laminate) or TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), which is the waterproofing aspect of the cover. Covers may also consist of waterproof nylon, fleece, or wool.  They may be used multiple times or until soiled.
Brands: GroVia, Thirsties
Fitted diapers are diapers that do not have a waterproof outer layer.  They are more contoured, and the elastic is gathered more at the legs and back.  They come in either snaps or hook and loop closures.  Fitted diapers come in cotton, cotton/hemp blends, or cotton/polyester blends.  Often they are used at nights since the whole diaper is absorbent.  A waterproof cover must be used.
Thirsties Fab Fitted with Aplix

Inserts/Soakers are similar to prefolds, except no folding is necessary.  They can be either cotton, cotton/hemp blend, microfiber, or a stay-dry microfiber.  They fit inside a waterproof cover or inside of a pocket diaper.
Brands: GroVia, Thirsties, BabyKicks
Doublers are used to add extra absorbency without a lot of bulk.  They are added in addition to a soaker or insert.  They may be cotton, cotton/hemp blend, or microfiber.
Pocket diapers are diapers with a waterproof outer layer and an inner layer that is often fleece or another stay-dry fabric.  The pocket opening can be in the back or front.  Inside the pocket an insert is placed.  Multiple inserts can be used to customize the absorbency needed.  These are like disposable diapers in the sense that once they are used, they must be washed.  Often these are an easy option for husbands, grandparents, and other caretakers.  Closures are either snaps or hook and loop.

FuzziBunz Pocket

All-In-One (AIO) diapers have the soaker attached to the waterproof cover.  These come with snaps or hook and loop.  Often these are the easiest to use since they do not require any stuffing like pockets or have a learning curve like prefolds do. 
GroVia AIO

Brands: GroVia
All-In-Two (AI2) diapers or hybrid diapers consist of a waterproof cover and an insert that can be replaced when soiled.  This insert is either cloth of some sort or disposable.  These are great for travel as washing machines are not always available. 
Brands: GroVia

Liners can either be cloth or paper.  The purpose of liners are to make cleaning up poo easier and/or protecting the cloth diaper from rash cream/ointments.  Cloth liners can be washed and paper liners can be flushed.
Brands: GroVia
Wet Bags/Pail Liners are lined with PUL (polyurethane laminate) to create a waterproof barrier.  Wet bags and pail liners are used to hold dirty diapers.  Wet bags come in many sizes and can be used while away from home to hold used diapers.  Pail liners are used to line a trash can (with a lid).  Both wet bags and pail liners may be washed.  Closured may either be zipper or drawstring. An added bonus: These are great in the summer when swimming to put in wet suits, towels, and clothes or on vacation as a laundry hamper.

FuzziBunz Hanging Pail

Brands: FuzziBunz, GroVia