Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mr. GBE washes diapers

So while I enjoyed my time in paradise with my sis, {boy, did we tan up after we spent 2 mornings snorkeling!} Mr. GBE was stuck happily taking care of the mundane chores of caring for the boys…meals, cleaning, preschool drop offs & pick-ups, and laundry. And yes, he did all laundry including diapers!
I’m the kind of mom that does a thing a certain way and wants it to only be done that particular way. A good & wise friend once told me that she doesn’t stress over how her hubby cares for their child. He can do it his way and she can do it her way as long as the outcome is the same. Pretty much telling me nicely, as long as the kids are alive & well, get over the fact that he’s going to do things differently from me. Slowly, I am easing up in that department. So, without making a big deal about the laundry to Mr. GBE, I just made a laundry chart. Normally I would have gone over every detail with him. And really, what did I care about how he did laundry while I was away? I was going to spend my time squeezing my nephews and drinking mai tais at lunch in Hawaii. I knew Mr. GBE could handle the laundry.

And handle the laundry he did! Mr. GBE went from never rinsing a diaper in the toilet to rinsing, washing, and drying like a pro. He makes washing diapers look easy, even when it isn’t. Poor Mr. GBE. He ran into a slight problem…he fixed our water softener. How is that a problem? A very handy Mr. GBE unknowingly changed the amount of soap that was needed to wash the diapers once the water got softer. He only called once and asked me if it was normal to have to rinse so many times to get the bubbles out. Uh…no. After a quick troubleshooting call, I was back to smooching my nephews and annoying my sister. And he was back to washing diapers.

Ignore the fact that E & I are blurry, just take in that gorgeous sunset.

I am so blessed to have a hubby that graciously took time out of his busy schedule to take care of our boys while I was off on a mama-cation. A big virtual *smoochie* to Mr. GBE for being so great. I know the boys had a great time livin’ it up with their Dada. {For the record, CW made it known to Daddy about how the daily routine was to go on school days. Ahhh, I love knowing that he thrives on routines as much as I do.} It was great to have the time to go visit my sis and her fam. {It was the first time I got to meet lil’ E.} I think I should have a mama-cation every year!

Monday, September 19, 2011

FuzziBunz Paradise

Aloha! I’m back from paradise, and apologize for taking so long to come back to GBE’s blog. I needed a week to mope now that I’m back to reality. Just kidding. Sort of. Anyways, while I was in Hawaii visiting my sis and her fam, it was the perfect time for me to help reorganize her diaper stash. After discussing her diapering needs with her, she chose to go with OS FuzziBunz. You can’t beat how quickly they line dry, their customizable adjustability, and their long lasting snap closures. She also added 9 M/L hemp inserts to be used during nights, naps, and long car rides.

A Tropical Rainbow of FuzziBunz
I wish I could hang my laundry and look out at paradise every day. Since I can’t, I was more than happy to hang laundry out anytime. You can’t beat the lush tropical greenery. Made me feel relaxed every time I went outside.

FB Hemp Inserts

Microfiber Inserts

So the FB’s are for lil’ E, but we quickly discovered that they also fit L. How exciting! Since FB’s don’t adjust sizes very quickly, we choose certain colors for each boy to wear. OS FB’s are designed to fit 7-35+ lbs. E is about 15 lbs at 4 months, and L is 2.5 years {I don’t remember how much he weighs}. And I know my sis is hoping that L is going to potty train soon. One is diapers is much easier than two! But in the meantime it’s nice to know that her FB’s fit both boys.

Lil' E. I tried to not leave bite marks on his rolls!

Trains + FuzziBunz = 2 happy boys {ignore the Auntie...she's not half as cute as her nephews}
You can get your FuzziBunz diapers and accessories at Green Baby Elephant's online store. And now until 9.30.11, all FuzziBunz diapers {OS and Perfect Size} are buy 6 get 2 free. It's a great time to build up your newborn stash {xsmall}, OS stash, and older toddler/preschooler stash {large}.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mr. GBE takes on Mr. Mom

Aloha! I’m packing my bags and heading out to visit my sister and her brood in Hawaii this week. The joke around here is that all I need in my bag is my kindle, mp3 player, & grass skirt & coconut bra. I can’t wait to fly off alone, {I know you’re jealous.} and spend a glorious week with my sis and her two boys. Adventures await!
On the home front, I’ve been preparing for Mr. GBE for his new role as Mr. Mom. And the highlight of his stay-cation, as I like to call it, is laundry. And to be even more specific, diaper laundry. As per our unspoken cloth diaper arrangement, Mr. GBE only changes diapers. And on a rare occasion snaps in a GroVia soaker onto a shell. That’s it. Now he’s going to have a week full of diaper laundry…washing, drying, and sorting. Ack! And like I’ve mentioned before, my stash is quite eclectic. Yesterday, we sat down and sorted the clean diapers together. He wasn’t thrilled with the variety, but he’s up for the task. There were also a few comments that he’s going to pick up a pack of Luvs. Ha ha *dry, sarcastic laugh* This just reemphasizes my belief that the more uncomplicated your stash is the better it is for when you leave your babe. Now that we sorted laundry, my next task is to show him the wash routine. And to keep phone calls to a minimum {a 3 hour time difference will not allow him early morning, laundry phone convos!}, I’ve made a list with laundry instructions. And to make everything even easier, I made a list with all laundry instructions, boys’ clothes, dog things {she’s had surgery recently, and needs fresh bedding daily}, sheets, and Mr.GBE’s clothes. My hope is to plow through a majority of laundry today, so dirty dipes will be his only laundry chore. I think I deserve a pat on the back, but since I’m going to Hawaii for a week, I won’t ask for one.
On another note, I’ve never left BW for longer than a day. He’s going to freak. I’m going to freak. But at least I’ll be freaking out in paradise. He’s such a mama’s boy, and I do relish his baby love. His open mouth, drool kisses are to die for. He’s going to have to call me every day and tell me how much he misses me.
CW, on the other hand, is going to survive without me. I’ve left him for a week when he was BW’s age. We both survived the time apart. And now that I leave him 3 days a week for a few hours at school, it’s like he’s turned into Mr. Independent. I am going to miss out on a whole week of chasing him around the house pinching his “biscuits”. It’s our fav thing to do! He’s going to have to call me every day and tell me how much he misses me.
Paradise calls…
{And by the way, Mr. GBE will be filling orders from the store. He thinks he deserves a raise!}