Thursday, June 23, 2011

Diarrhea Tool Kit

A stomach bug has been messing with BW for most of the month, and yesterday it was full on war. BW had terrible diarrhea. {Why is it that the majority of my posts are all about poo?!?} Poor little guy had 7 poo’s in less than 2 hours. And that was all before the doctor’s office even opened. Ugh! It was quite a day. We spent the majority of the day changing diapers, going to the doctor, and the lab. The lab needed poo samples. So a low point of my journey in mommy-hood was reached yesterday as I was collected poo samples out of his diapers. So gross and at the same time so blasé. You can’t scare me, I’m a mom!
While my day revolved around BW’s bm’s, I figured out a few things. First, don’t make things more difficult than they need be. After about 4 diaper changes I remembered I have GroVia BioSoakers. The disposable inserts were a lifesaver. I was running out of diapers fast yesterday morning. A load of diapers were in the wash before BW even woke, so a good portion of my stash was in the process of getting clean. At the rate BW was going, I would have run out of diapers if it weren’t for the BioSoakers. The second thing I learned was that plain water and cloth wipes made BW scream a little less. His poor biscuits were becoming frighteningly red! And the last thing in my diarrhea tool kit was diaper cream with *gasp* zinc oxide. I had to pull out the big guns and get some major cream on his bum. The BioSoakers again came in handy since creams with zinc oxide shouldn’t be used on cloth.

Today’s been a bit better for BW. Hopefully, the doctor will call by Friday with the test results. Until then, we’re sticking close to home. I highly recommend keeping some BioSoakers on hand for emergencies. Yesterday would have been even more of a disaster without them!
On a side note, CW was a dream yesterday. He helped by being my errand boy around the house. I would have been even more of a wreck without him. Smoochies to my little man!! You’re an amazing big brother, CW.
CW is lovin' on his little Bro

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