Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thirsties Newborn Review

My favorite diaper to use at nighttime so far is the thirsties duo diaper. Since EB is less than two weeks we are still on a very loose schedule and I usually put him in one of these around 11pm. He will typically wear these for anywhere from about 3-4 hours during the night. I started using the Duo Diaper size 1 when EB was around 1 week old and I noticed he was eating more and therefore "going" more. He weighed about 8lbs 8oz when we began using them.  I make sure that I have them stuffed and ready to go before bedtime each evening.  So far, I only have two of them, and am in the process of acquiring more of them ASAP! I have to say, I love them and I haven't had to worry about leakage, yet (hopefully not ever). The Duo Diaper insert consists of a thin microfiber insert and a hemp insert. It is a breeze to stuff! By far the easiest pocket diaper to stuff! Especially if you do not have tiny hands that some of them seem to require I like that the inserts snap together because it makes my life a little easier when stuffing the diaper. I don't have to make sure that one of the liners isn't bunched up on the other. I have the diaper snapped on the smallest setting, and it seems perfect size for right now. Once his umbilical cord finally falls out I will probably move it to the first snap. I find it to be bulky on him which is why for now it is a nighttime diaper only. I think that if you have a small newborn you may want to wait until they are at least 8lbs. to use it. Also, it does rub on his little umbilical cord a little.  He doesn't seem bothered. However, if you are squeamish you may want to wait until it falls out to begin using these diapers. I think that so far the only con would be how much more bulky it is than a newborn diaper, and that is because it is more of a OS diaper instead of a true newborn diaper. It is nice that this diaper will grow with EB, as it has 3 rise settings.
Now on to the pros of the thirsties duo.: )  The fact that it has openings on both sides makes it easy to push the insert in one side and pull it through the other side and really easy to make sure that it is even and not twisted anywhere. I also really like the hook and loop. It is easy for my husband to use and best resembles a disposable for the caretakers that are new to cloth. The biggest bonus of the hook and loop is its ease of use in the middle of the night when sleep deprived and without ample lighting. I have not paid attention to the noise it makes, and it hasn't seemed to affect EB so it must be quiet enough.
I really like the leg gussets and it makes me feel good knowing that there is that extra layer of protection. I don't have to worry about him getting wet in the middle of the night. Newborns legs are so skinny that the gussets really help to prevent leakage! I don't know about you, but I want to avoid having to change a baby's clothes in the middle of the night and risk waking them up too much!
Last night I used the hemp prefold for the first time, and it held a lot and his skin was still pretty dry. I haven’t had any poo go to the wrap, and was then able to use the wrap a few more times. The wrap also fits nicely over the fitteds. And I love the fitteds. They are so soft, and never a leak!!

As for washing the Duo Diaper and the rest of the Thirsties products, it is easy. I do pull the liner out of the Duo Diaper even though the directions specifically state that it is unnecessary.  I am just in the habit of it and don't mind doing it. But know that it is not required before you throw it in the washing machine. I am currently using the Rockin Green detergent and have a top loading HE machine with no agitator. This is a great combination for my diapers.  The diaper and wrap both dry in no time at all and the microfiber insert dries in a flash as well.  The hemp insert, stay-dry insert, fitteds, and prefolds take a little bit longer. The prefolds and hemp inserts do not get very stiff with only air drying. A few good shakes takes out the little bit of stiffness. It is like having a t-shirt air dry. While soft, it will be a little crunchy, but not rough.  I have been drying everything on my drying rack outside, thanks to the awesome weather! I have also used the dryer and that works great too.  However, I love to save money and it makes me happy to dry them outside naturally and FREE of cost!!
Also, I feel that this is worth repeating over and over again...The sun is a miracle stain remover!!!!! I can honestly say that my serious fear of yucky stained diapers is so over and done with! It is amazing! After less than an hour in full sun, my diapers look brand spankin' new! Since I don't get out much lately this has become the highlight of my day. Putting stained dipes in the sun and watching the stains literally disappear before my eyes with no extra effort or expense on my part is so exciting to a sleep deprived new momma, like myself!
I truly hope that my cloth diapering adventures help convert some of you curious mommas or mommas- to-be out there. Let me assure you that I can be a nervous nelly about lots of things and using cloth diapers from day 1 with my 2nd baby was a major decision while I was pregnant.  I am SO happy that I put my nerves on the back burner and allowed myself to have a different experience. I have been all about trying new things with this baby. I have more confidence in myself and my ability to be a great Momma this time around and am so much more relaxed.
So far I really love using cloth diapers and I have to say my husband is way more supportive than I thought he would be. He does complain that I have to wash them every day....so I recommend having a bigger stash than I currently do. I have 12 newborn Grovia AIO, 2 x-small Fuzzibunz, 2 Thirsties fitted size 1, 1 Thirsties Duo Wrap size 1, 2 Thirsties prefolds and 2 Thirsties Duo Diapers size 1. If your baby is like mine, then nearly every diaper you change will have a "skid mark", and you will be changing frequently. I don’t feel as if I am changing more often than if I were using disposables. It is just the poo that keeps me changing diapers very often!
I know that I have not answered all of your questions, I still have some myself.  So, I will continue to be the guinea pig Momma and EB the guinea pig baby.  We are still experimenting and learning about all that cloth has to offer.  At least I can honestly say that I am not nervous and anxious about laundering cloth diapers anymore.
So, more to come on different diapers and tricks and tips learned by trial and error.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Big Conversion

I recently had my GroBaby shells converted from hook & loop to snaps. I think it is great to have the option to start off with hook & loop diapers and extend their use by converting to snaps. If you think about it, when diapering a newborn and younger baby hook & loop is often easier and quicker. As baby grows, little hands become busy and have the ability to undo the hook & loop closures. Changing the diaper to snaps will help extend the life of your diapers. So now that these shells have been all converted, I’m passing them on to my sis. I know I just said that snaps aren’t the easiest {in my opinion} when diapering a newborn, but my little guy is almost out grown the GroBaby shells. Now that they have more life to them, it’d be wasteful not to keep using them. {Isn’t that a big part of what cloth diapering is all about…less waste?!} BW is moving on to larger GroVia shells {btw they also fit CW at 38 lbs}, and so my GroBaby stash is now moving on to EB.  Baby EB is growing like a weed! He’ll probably be the perfect size for them by the time they arrive. Before I send them off to my sis, I thought I’d post a few before and after pics of my shells. 


Lookin’ good & ready for a new home! Once baby EB is wearing them, Nina will be sure to post a pic of her cutie. I can’t wait to see him wearing them.
On a side note, GroVia is a great company that offers excellent customer service. I received a call both when my shells arrived & when they shipped them back to me. It’s nice to hear a friendly voice {even if it was only on my voicemail since I missed both calls}. GroVia snap conversions are only available through their site. If you are in need of any of their other products, I am a proud GroVia retailer!
And to show you the difference between my old GroBaby shells and the new GroVia shells, I thought I'd post a couple of pics. Not only was the rise made larger, but the hook & loop has nice laundry tabs. This is to keep them from being worn while washing and to keep from diaper chains from occuring. {I used a zippered lingere bag to put my GroBaby shells in while washing to keep them from attaching to everything.}

A nice size difference that has been improved to make these shells really fit your baby for a long time!!

On a side note, GroVia is a great company that offers excellent customer service. I received a call both when my shells arrived & when they shipped them back to me. It’s nice to hear a friendly voice {even if it was only on my voicemail since I missed both calls}. GroVia snap conversions are only available through their site. If you are in need of any of their other products, I am a proud GroVia retailer!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Newborn Diaper Comparisons

Cloth diapering a newborn is well worth it as Nina pointed out in the previous blog post. I thought I’d get a little more detailed regarding size differences of newborn {NB} diapers compared to one-size {OS} diapers and comparing newborn diapers to each other. OS diapers are often advertised to fit newborn {8 lbs} to potty learning {35-40 lbs}. I have found that this isn’t always the case. It’s not that the diaper companies are misleading; it is just that babies are often born well under that 8 lb mark. Even at 8 lbs often the newborn has teeny tiny chicken legs that can’t quite fill up the leg holes on the smallest setting of OS diapers. Other newborns like BW, a whopper at 9 lbs, probably wouldn’t have had much difficulty filling out the leg holes of an OS diaper at birth. Unfortunately, for him I didn’t discover cloth until he was 1 month old. Think of OS diapers as the One-Size-Fits-All shirts that were popular in the 80s {I’m dating myself here}. Those darn shirts were always so BIG on me. It fit, but thank goodness for leggings and those t-shirt clips to knot it at the side. So, one size may fit all, but the question is how well will it fit. At the newborn stage expect bulk if using OS diapers. Newborn diapers are made to be trim and to fit before OS diapers begin to fit. And if you know you’re going to have an itty-bitty baby, newborn or x-small diapers are the way to go. You’ll definitely get use out of them before the OS diapers fit.
Green Baby Elephant currently carries the following diapers that are highly recommended for newborns: GroVia newborn AIOs, Thirsties {anything in size 1: Duo Diapers, Duo Fitteds, Wraps, prefolds, hemp inserts, and stay-dry inserts}, BabyKicks {3g and the fitted diaper}, and FuzziBunz extra-small diapers.
More formal reviews of each diaper will be written by Nina when she gets a chance. Her sweetie pie is our fashionably hip newborn diaper model. But for now, I thought I’d do some size comparisons for the newborn diapers while we’re waiting for a diaper review.

As you can see, the GroVia NB AIO and the X-Small FuzziBunz are very trim between the legs. I didn't take a side pic of the diapers to show the bulkiness of each one, so you will have to believe me that the GroVia NB AIO and the FuzziBunz X-Small diapers are much trimmer, as in your baby will be able to wear a onesie while wearing either of these cloth diapers. This is because they are not a OS diaper like the BabyKicks and the Thirsties Duo Diaper {Size 1 is pictured, and it is on the smallest rise setting}. When you buy a diaper that is sized, you will get a trimmer fit. This goes for any sized diaper you use.

The BabyKicks 3g and the Thirsties Duo Diaper are going to be slightly more bulky due to the fact that they are being sized down to fit a newborn. The extra material is going to be folded down.  This is going to be true with any OS diaper. The smaller the setting on a OS diaper, the bulkier it will be. As your baby grows, the rise will go up, which will cause the diaper to become trimmer. That being said, it is also nice to have the ability to have a diaper that will grow with your baby like the BabyKicks 3g and the Thirsties Duo systems can.

I mentioned that BW wouldn't have fit in the newborn diapers when he was born, and some of you may make big babies as well. So I want to compare newborn diapers to their OS counterparts.

Here is the GroVia NB AIO next to their OS AIO and their OS AI2 Shell. Both OS diapers are snapped to their smallest setting. And the shell does not have the soaker pad snapped in. It is obvious that both OS diapers will be very bulky compared to the NB AIO. The AIO is much larger than both the NB AIO and the AI2 shell. It will take quite some time for a newborn to grow into it. The shell does get quite small. I used the GroBaby system on BW when he was 1 month, and he was on the medium size snap. {Like I've said before, he was a B.I.G. boy!} I should also mention that the GroVia rise does differ from the GroBaby. The GroVia shell is slightly larger than the GroBaby shell.

Here is the BabyKicks 3g's different rise settings. It has a total of 5 sizes: newborn, small, small-medium, medium, and large. The hemp/cotton insert is very trim, so it keeps this diaper from being very bulky in the smaller sizes. It has a great span of fitting all sizes, especially for a OS diaper! You can read more about the BabyKicks 3g in my review here.

Here is the FuzziBunz OS diaper on its smallest setting compared to the X-Small diaper. The OS does get quite small. It isn't as tiny as the X-Small, but it may be close enough for those that make large babies. But once again, as a OS is sized down, it is bulky. You can read more about my FuzziBunz review here.

Here are all 3 sizes of the Thirsties Duo Diaper {Size 1}. As you can see it gets larger very gradually, so as to fit a newborn of 6 lbs to a 9 month old of 18 lbs. Since the Fitteds and Wraps are from the same Duo system, you can safely assume they have the same sizing as the diapers in the pic. Thirsties has 2 diapers each with 3 size settings. They did this to help cut down on the bulk of the small settings of a OS diaper. The size 2 Duo Diaper was created to make the diaper fit longer than most OS diapers can. You can read more about Thirsties Duo Diapers in my review here.


It is personal preference for what kind of diaper and system you decide to use. We will be highlighting all of the diapers that Green Baby Elephant carries, so you can make an informed decision of what you want to use on your baby. And I am more than happy to work with you to find the diapering system that will work for you and your baby! Please, don't hesitate to contact me.


P.S. I'm sorry about the sizing of the pictures and the format of my blog. I wanted to make these photos large enough for you to see the differences between the sizes.  {I'm not wearing my contacts as I'm writing this, so I need to see what I'm doing as well!!}

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Using Cloth on a Newborn

I decided while still pregnant that I was going to try cloth diapers with my second baby. It was something that I had always contemplated after my first child was born. However, I did not feel as I had enough information about how they work and many other details that many of us Mommies require before making a big purchase.
Then my sister had her second child and began to cloth diaper. I was able to see first-hand all of the ins and outs of the cloth diapering world.  Learning how to wash, stuff, and put them on an actual baby helped immensely!
With this pregnancy I was all about being prepared early, as my first child was a month early and I was not ready.  As I packed my hospital bag I also packed a bag for my new baby that included about 8 of my 12 newborn AIO Grovia's.  I had prepped them the week before and loved how tiny and cute they were!  I also packed some liners in anticipation of my baby's first poopie (meconium).

I wondered what the nurses and doctors would think about the cloth diapers and if anyone would flat out refuse to use them. I wondered if there would be that nurse that would put a disposable on my baby in an effort to discourage me, and make her life easier.
Boy was I wrong! The nurses were intrigued by the tiny cloth diapers and soon my son and I were the talk of the 4th floor labor and delivery ward! My nurse came in and asked to borrow one of the diapers to show off at the nurses’ station.  Everyone commented on how adorable and easy they were to use! Every time there was a shift change I would get the same questions.  How do you wash them? How much are they? What made you decide to do cloth? The list went on.
I love having the newborn size Grovia and Fuzzibunz.  Totally worth purchasing!!! They fit so well and do not rub on his little belly button as it heals. There is very little bulk and fit under a onesie perfectly. Newborn's little legs are so skinny and newborn size diapers are trim and don't keep them from scrunching their tiny legs up into the fetal position. I used liners while in the hospital waiting for the meconium. It came out with the liner so easily.  The only downfall  I found was that no one but me snapped them tight enough. I think they are afraid to put them on too tightly since they don't stretch like disposables do. But trust me, you will know when you have put them on too tight, because they won't snap : -)

Once we arrived home from the hospital it was time to wash them...I was dreading this, and I don't know why.  I was worried about stains.  The first time I washed them I forgot to rinse them first.  Not a big a deal. However, I have, through trial and error found a certain method to washing newborn AIO's.  I snap them on the loosest snap after a diaper change and throw them in the wet bag. Once I am in the laundry room I go through and turn them inside out while still snapped. The ensures that the outer covers will not take precedence over the inner liners.  This has helped tremendously to get all the poop out and most of the stains out with one wash.  This also greatly reduces the time in the dryer!
I had heard about the sun being a natural stain remover, and I can honestly say that they were true! Now, that said the sun has not come out where I live since my son was 3 days old.  So, on the first sunny day that we have you can bet money that I am going to "sun" all my diapers!  The stains are minimal, but I still would like them gone : )
After a week of using cloth diapers I feel like I have a pretty good handle on them and a newfound love! I am no longer anxious about changing them while away from home, washing them, getting stains out, or dealing with leaks. We use the GroVia's and Fuzzibunz during the day and the Thirsties at night. I have both the Thirsties Duo Diaper & Duo Fitted.  I like them both the Thirsties diaper and fitted equally and never worry about leakage with them! They hold a lot!  They are much bulkier than the newborn size GroVia & FuzziBunz diapers. My husband and I have had quite a few laughs from them, and love them all the more! If you are worried about the bulk then stick to the newborn size until your child grows bigger.
Also, our son was circumcised and I continued to use cloth. We just use a liner and a gauze pad with Vaseline and haven’t had a problem. I did decide to use a disposable to see the difference during the healing time....WOW night and day difference! He leaked terribly out of all four disposables that I placed on him.  The poor little guy woke up during the night completely wet through a sleep sack and a swaddle!!! Unheard of with cloth! Never again disposable for me!

If you are nervous about taking the plunge into the world of cloth diapering a newborn, I urge you to give it a try. I promise it is easier than you think.  Your baby will thank you!  And I think you will thank yourself!
P.S. Many more posts on newborn dipes are to come! Nina will be reviewing each diaper much more thoroughly as soon as she gets the chance.

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Sentimmental Fool

I am a sentimental fool, and I don’t feel the need to hide it. Babyhood and toddlerhood go much too fast. I take hundreds of pictures a month.  The most important pictures I take are of the boys sitting together. For the first year of each of my boys’ lives I took a picture every two weeks on the changing table. For the second year, I take pictures on the monthly birthday. I’m continuing this tradition with my youngest. Except this time around, I’ve also been taking pictures of the boys together as well as separately. It’s so amazing to look back and see how they’ve grown.

So, since I’m a crazy, picture lady not only did I take pictures of BW in his first cloth diaper, but pictures of him in the same diaper the last time he’ll wear it. It’s silly that I get so emotional over the little things, but I can’t help it. As I’ve mentioned before, my love affair with cloth began with GroBaby {now GroVia}. My GroBaby hook & loop shells weren’t staying closed unless I had pants on BW. So I have sent my shells to be converted to snaps. They are now going to be passed on to my baby nephew. BW is long and skinny, and unfortunately the rise is getting a little low on him. I know they won’t make it to potty learning, so since there is a lot of life left in my GroBaby stash I’m passing them along. I’ve spent a day really soaking, washing, and sunning the soaker pads and boosters. They look great, and I can’t wait for my nephew to wear them. All I’m waiting on are the shells to come back from GroVia. I’ll be sure to post pics of baby EB wearing his “new” kiwi GroBaby shell. I can’t wait to see him in it!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I heart Snaps

So I don’t think I have given snap diapers a fair shake, especially since I have professed an undying love for hook & loop closures. Shame on me. I have recently changed up my stash as I have sent my GroBaby shells in to be converted from hook & loop to snaps. {This will be blogged about when they return.} While they’re gone, it has come to my attention that I have a lot of diapers that have snaps. And I like them. *gasp*
My FuzziBunz diapers still look like new after a little over a year of use. I’m sure you’re thinking, yeah right. But it is true. The snaps don’t show any wear like diapers with hook & loop do. Also, the PUL looks like new as well. I’ve used the several FuzziBunz that I own just about every day. Most often they are used for naps and outings and on occasion nights with hemp inserts. They do rotate so as to keep them from wearing, but I honestly don’t see any wear and tear on them like other diapers {that are fully functional, just a little tired looking}. FuzziBunz diapers come with a 1 year warranty on the snaps, PUL, elastic, and sewing/workmanship defects. But wait there’s more! FuzziBunz {one size} includes extra elastic so that even after the warranty is up you can add more life to your diaper.  They claim that their snaps will last 3+ years, and based on my first year of use I believe it!
And now that it is getting hot here in Tucson, BW sports a t-shirt and diaper around the house. Snaps don’t snag on the carpet and busy, little hands can’t undo them. When putting BW in his crib for naps sans shorts, I’m not worried that he can take of his diaper and make a poo masterpiece. I have heard horror stories about poo masterpieces from my mom about my brother. {Sorry, bro.} He was wearing a disposable, and had obviously mastered the art {haha} of taking off his diaper. I’m not worried about this when I put BW in a diaper with snaps.
Isn’t BW a pain in the rear to change? Yes. How do I manage to put on a diaper with snaps? I don’t know. I like to think of it as mommy strength. I could lift a car if I had to. But since I have never had to lift a car, I think I’ll stick with what I know I can do. I do wrestle him a bit when putting on snaps, but it’s worth it knowing that he can’t take the diaper off.
FuzziBunz one size {OS} diapers have 3 snaps, and the perfect size have 2 snaps. I use both kinds, OS for BW and perfect size for CW at night. CW has outgrown the OS diapers, but that’s no surprise. He’s outgrown just about every OS diaper. Large and extra-large perfect size diapers fit him well for nights. I lined up all the perfect size diapers so you can see the size differences. Unfortunately, I didn’t do all the possible sizes for the OS diaper. You would have been bored by the pictures. The OS has 8+ button settings and the waist adjusts to 4+ button settings. If you’d like to do the math to find out how many sizes you can come up with, knock yourself out. I’m content to say that is A LOT of adjustments. While it isn’t as easy to adjust the sizing as a diaper that has a snap down rise, once it is sized it’s not like you are adjusting it constantly. You can get a very nice custom fit with the OS diaper. And there is no need for guessing sizes as FuzziBunz has a size chart. Using the size chart makes it easy to customize it to fit your baby.

So I confess. I love my FuzziBunz. The colors are great. The fit is great. And for the month of May, the value of the OS FuzziBunz is unbeatable. Buy 5 and get the 6th one FREE. Since I was a math teacher in a former life, I’ll break it down for you. Instead of 19.95 a dipe, it comes to 16.63 a dipe. Make the deal even sweeter by buying a 2 pack that comes with free matching Leggies. You can find all FuzziBunz products at one place at Green Baby Elephant's store.

Two major events have occurred in my family. The first being I have a new, precious nephew *swoon*, and the second is that BW has decided to walk more than 2 steps. I like to think that his walking is based on the fact that he knows he is no longer the baby of the family now that he has a baby cousin. I’m not used to BW walking around, and it makes me a little sad that he’s literally stepping into toddlerhood. *sniff*

If you're happy and you know it...


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gift Registry

I recently added a new feature to Green Baby Elephant’s site. It is an option for creating a gift registry. How nice would it be to have family and friends celebrate your new baby’s arrival by showering you with all the cloth diapers and accessories you need and want? Family and friends want to give you and the baby what you need {and sometimes what you don’t need}, and a gift registry is the perfect way for them to help you get ready for the new baby.
For you expectant mommies I encourage you to look around GBE’s store and create a registry for your baby. For the mommies that already have little ones in diapers, don’t think a registry can’t be useful for you. Friends and family are often in need of a little help when coming up with gift ideas. If you’re anything like me, toys are a foot deep in the playroom {thanks to generous grandparents} especially after holidays and birthdays. For little ones too small to realize if they received a toy on their special day, new diapers or cloth wipes would make a great useful gift. Colorful diapers can be added in Easter baskets and Christmas stockings. Red and pink ones are cute for Valentine’s Day. Green for St. Patrick’s Day. Orange or black for Halloween. Red, green or white for Christmas. Patriotic colors for Fourth of July. And brown for Groundhog Day. I got carried away with that last one, but you get the idea.
When you go to create your gift registry, I encourage you not to add your address if you are making the registry public. Your address will be public if you do. One option would be to make it a private registry and include your address then. Since friends and family already have your address or access to it, a public registry would lend you privacy if your address is omitted. For either private or public registry a link will be given that you can then send on to friends and family. And presto, you’re on the way to getting the useful gifts you need instead of 50 {albeit adorable} bibs, 33 pairs of tiny newborn socks {that will be eaten by the washing machine}, 17{soft & sweet} hooded towels, and 23 {cute} teething toys. Don’t be shy in letting others know what you’d like, but do remember to be thankful whatever the gift may be!
On a side note, I have a new nephew today! He’s the newest GBE cloth diaper model as he is already sporting GroVia’s newborn AIOs in the hospital. EEEEEEEE!!! My sister will be testing out all things newborn on her new bundle of joy, so stay tuned these next few weeks as we dress his heiny in the teeniest cloth diapers around!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dirty Little Secret

I have found that the accessory aspect of cloth diapering, while not mandatory, can be extremely helpful and oftentimes serves other purposes. That’s just me being wordy instead of just saying, I use my wet bags and pail liners for more than dirty diapers. Swim lessons, vacation, and clothes hamper are all alternate uses for my wet bags. I love knowing that I will be able to put these items to good use when my cloth diapering days are over. In fact when adding up cloth diaper costs, I really don’t consider the extras into it since there are plenty of other uses for items like my wet bags.
I currently have 2 wet bags and 2 pail liners. All are GroVia brand. The wet bags were a gift, and they became my only method of storing dirty dipes. This became an improbable solution as my baby grew {think  Mr. Stinky Pants} and my stash of diapers increased. Two wet bags were not enough to hold all the dirties in between wash days. My solution {this is gross} was to stack the wet diapers on the floor of my laundry room. Honestly, there was hardly a stink. Pee doesn’t bother me, and since they stayed in one small spot on the floor, no one walked there and no one noticed except me. I had to save the two wet bags for poo pants and outings. Soon this became a problem because of too much poo and too few bags. I had to talk to the Hubs about getting something bigger. He never knew of the dirty little secret on the floor in the laundry room, and once I outted myself he was grossed out. I purchased two large pail liners and a 13 gallon trash can with a lid from Target, of course. Ahhh, life became easier. I now I have 2 wet bags to use when I leave the house, and no more hiding wet diapers in my laundry room. Laundry days are even better because all the dirties are in one place. And to be even more specific that one place happens to be in the bathtub in the downstairs bathroom. The pail is located where I do all the rinsing off of diapers, so for me it is easier to have all the dirties in one spot. About 98% of diaper changes happen downstairs at my house. The 2% of the changes that occur upstairs are then brought downstairs into the pail in the bathroom. Another plus to having the pail in the bathtub is that I can shut the shower curtain and no one knows it is there.
Storing dirty diapers work differently in different households. Maybe a pail is needed upstairs and downstairs. Maybe a hanging pail that can be on a doorknob or hook would work better than a trash can with a pail. The key is to find what works for you. Luckily, Green Baby Elephant stocks wet bags, pail liners, and hanging pails. So find what works you’re your fam and get those dirty dipes corralled while waiting for wash day.
Tell me what works in your house. I’d love to hear how you manage stinky dipes between washings.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

*Thirsties Winner*

Congrats to Amanda/Moonglow283!
"follow GBE blog"
Thank you to everyone that entered, and a big thank you to Thirsties for sponsoring the giveaway!