Tuesday, April 5, 2011

BabyKicks 3g

I came across BabyKicks when I was looking for a nighttime solution for BW.  BabyKicks makes great hemp inserts, and I tried and fell in love with their joey-bunz inserts.  They quickly became a go-to nighttime insert in a pocket diaper, but that is a whole different story that I will come back to in the future.  I just wanted to create a backstory for how I found such a great diaper company. 
So with all my cloth diaper research, I started to read great things about BabyKicks’ redesigned pocket diaper.  It was called the Bumboo pocket and now is known as the 3g.  I had to try it.  The hemp inserts I use are great, so I assumed the 3g had to be awesome.  I was so right!  This is probably one of the thinnest and most absorbent pocket diapers I have come across.  This is due to the joey bunz hemp insert that comes with it.  The first time BW wore a 3g was at a MOPS meeting.  A mommy friend, knowing that I cloth diaper, asked me if I was using a disposable since BW’s rear wasn’t so..uh..large.  I laughed, and immediately pulled down at the back of his pants to show off his new dipe.  She was impressed.  Now, I should mention that I don’t mind a cute, fluffy rear, but I can see how it can be off putting for some. 
Let’s talk about the unique aspects of this diaper.  First off, it’s a one-size diaper.  It seems like every diaper now-a-days is one-sized.  Honestly, most one-sized diapers don’t fit newborns and larger toddlers as they are potty training.  Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not knocking on one-sized diapers.  They are great and have huge money saving capabilities, it’s just that oftentimes they aren’t as one-size fits all for all babies.  With that said, the BabyKicks 3g quite possibly a true one-size diaper.  They have reverse snaps and a unique fold to create a newborn diaper, and with the rise snaps fully undone BabyKicks claims to fit up to 40lbs. 
There are two different types of fleece that make up this diaper.  I never knew that there was different fleece, so when Gina from BabyKicks was explaining it to me, I was amazed and impressed.  The inner fleece, like I mentioned, is absorbent, so the baby will feel wet.  This absorbency is great when using the newborn fold and also comes in handy while potty training since the joey-bunz insert doesn’t have to be used for either stage.  The fleece on the tabs and the leg gussets repel moisture.  Too good to be true?! No way! The super soft fleece gussets don’t leak at all.  This may just be too unbelievable for you, which is fine by me. Buy one ASAP and see for yourself!!
The sizing of this diaper goes from newborn to potty training, literally.  Starting with the unique newborn fold and ending with the great side snaps, which come in handy for your little one to pull up on the diaper similar to that of a training pant.  When used as a training pant, you may also use the 3g without an insert since the inner layer has some absorbency.  This will make them extremely thin! You may also go without an insert at the newborn size since the absorbency of the fleece may be enough for the first few days or so.  Now that’s a trim newborn diaper! The sizes between newborn to toddler are made by using the rise snaps.  There are 3 rise snaps, which is also unusual for a one size diaper.  Often there are 2 rise snaps, to create a total of 3 sizes for a one-size diaper.  The BabyKicks 3g has 5 rise settings! Now that’s just crazy {in a good way}!
Now, you’re probably thinking this diaper is pretty pimp. And you are right.  But before you buy, which I’m sure you’re going to want to since this is an awesome diaper, I want to fully disclose my experience with the 3g.  First, I have N.E.V.E.R. had a leak with this diaper.  I have used it with the one-size insert that comes with it and a second joey-bunz insert in it at night for my 3 year old, CW.  Never a leak!  And I must say, still a very trim night diaper with 2 inserts. I have also used this with BW without a leak.  CW loves this diaper so much, that he refused to believe that he had outgrown it.  One night I tried snapping it on, and no amount of him sucking in his adorable little belly helped.  He is simply too big now. That was a sad night in this house.  Fortunately, he is fully potty trained except for nights, so I don’t have to rely on using this as an everyday diaper.  Another thing that is noticeable in all the comparison pics with my Poppy (red) diaper and the new Azul (blue) diaper is that the inside is pilly.  This is purely aesthetics, and the pilly inside doesn’t take away from any comfort.  Remember that CW would request this diaper every night!  The one-size joey-bunz inserts do shrink.  Any cotton and hemp {this happens to be a blend} will shrink.  The insert fits  great inside the 3g.  An added bonus to the one-size joey-bunz insert is the sewn on lines to help you know where to fold it to correlate with the rise snaps.  Genius. 
The opening of the pocket, which is in the front, is a little small.  This is done for two reasons.  First to keep the diaper looking trim, and second to avoid pulling out the insert through the poo in the back of the diaper.  Luckily, my arms are skinny and I stuff all the pockets in this house.  I can’t imagine having the hubs match up all the pockets and the matching inserts. *Yikes* So problem solved by doing it myself.  Actually, problem solved, by doing all the diaper laundry myself, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

You can try your luck at winning a 3g for your little one by entering a giveaway that is sponsored by Green Baby Elephant at www.ispy4shoppers.blogspot.com.  Contest ends Friday, April 8, 2011. 


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