Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I heart Snaps

So I don’t think I have given snap diapers a fair shake, especially since I have professed an undying love for hook & loop closures. Shame on me. I have recently changed up my stash as I have sent my GroBaby shells in to be converted from hook & loop to snaps. {This will be blogged about when they return.} While they’re gone, it has come to my attention that I have a lot of diapers that have snaps. And I like them. *gasp*
My FuzziBunz diapers still look like new after a little over a year of use. I’m sure you’re thinking, yeah right. But it is true. The snaps don’t show any wear like diapers with hook & loop do. Also, the PUL looks like new as well. I’ve used the several FuzziBunz that I own just about every day. Most often they are used for naps and outings and on occasion nights with hemp inserts. They do rotate so as to keep them from wearing, but I honestly don’t see any wear and tear on them like other diapers {that are fully functional, just a little tired looking}. FuzziBunz diapers come with a 1 year warranty on the snaps, PUL, elastic, and sewing/workmanship defects. But wait there’s more! FuzziBunz {one size} includes extra elastic so that even after the warranty is up you can add more life to your diaper.  They claim that their snaps will last 3+ years, and based on my first year of use I believe it!
And now that it is getting hot here in Tucson, BW sports a t-shirt and diaper around the house. Snaps don’t snag on the carpet and busy, little hands can’t undo them. When putting BW in his crib for naps sans shorts, I’m not worried that he can take of his diaper and make a poo masterpiece. I have heard horror stories about poo masterpieces from my mom about my brother. {Sorry, bro.} He was wearing a disposable, and had obviously mastered the art {haha} of taking off his diaper. I’m not worried about this when I put BW in a diaper with snaps.
Isn’t BW a pain in the rear to change? Yes. How do I manage to put on a diaper with snaps? I don’t know. I like to think of it as mommy strength. I could lift a car if I had to. But since I have never had to lift a car, I think I’ll stick with what I know I can do. I do wrestle him a bit when putting on snaps, but it’s worth it knowing that he can’t take the diaper off.
FuzziBunz one size {OS} diapers have 3 snaps, and the perfect size have 2 snaps. I use both kinds, OS for BW and perfect size for CW at night. CW has outgrown the OS diapers, but that’s no surprise. He’s outgrown just about every OS diaper. Large and extra-large perfect size diapers fit him well for nights. I lined up all the perfect size diapers so you can see the size differences. Unfortunately, I didn’t do all the possible sizes for the OS diaper. You would have been bored by the pictures. The OS has 8+ button settings and the waist adjusts to 4+ button settings. If you’d like to do the math to find out how many sizes you can come up with, knock yourself out. I’m content to say that is A LOT of adjustments. While it isn’t as easy to adjust the sizing as a diaper that has a snap down rise, once it is sized it’s not like you are adjusting it constantly. You can get a very nice custom fit with the OS diaper. And there is no need for guessing sizes as FuzziBunz has a size chart. Using the size chart makes it easy to customize it to fit your baby.

So I confess. I love my FuzziBunz. The colors are great. The fit is great. And for the month of May, the value of the OS FuzziBunz is unbeatable. Buy 5 and get the 6th one FREE. Since I was a math teacher in a former life, I’ll break it down for you. Instead of 19.95 a dipe, it comes to 16.63 a dipe. Make the deal even sweeter by buying a 2 pack that comes with free matching Leggies. You can find all FuzziBunz products at one place at Green Baby Elephant's store.

Two major events have occurred in my family. The first being I have a new, precious nephew *swoon*, and the second is that BW has decided to walk more than 2 steps. I like to think that his walking is based on the fact that he knows he is no longer the baby of the family now that he has a baby cousin. I’m not used to BW walking around, and it makes me a little sad that he’s literally stepping into toddlerhood. *sniff*

If you're happy and you know it...



  1. How are you getting your hook & loop converted to snaps? I look forward to reading about the results.

    Also, the FB mediums are GREAT! Mine has fit L since she was 5 months old and she still wears it now at almost 19 months. Very generous sizing.

  2. GroVia will do the conversion to snaps for $3.50 a shell. I can't wait to see the results. I'll be sure to blog about it.
    FuzziBunz do have nice sizing. I almost think BW would fit in a size Small if we weren't using the OS. It's good to hear that a sized diaper has such a long period of use!