Thursday, June 30, 2011


Mr. GBE was not a fan of using cloth diapers. Not a fan at all. In fact, he made it clear that he was not and would not change any cloth diapers. He also informed me that once BW was walking, we would not use cloth diapers any longer. He’ll deny it if he reads this, thankfully my sister was witness to his behavior. I blame Mr. GBE’s misguided thoughts on BW’s incessant crying which in turn made his sleep addled brain woozy and confused. Thankfully, BW has been a good sleeper for many months now, and Mr. GBE’s thinking cleared up as we all got more sleep.   Slowly, Mr. GBE warmed up to the idea of cloth. This is how I wore him down changed his mind:
1.       Our first cloth diaper system was a gift. So we saved $$ to begin with by not having to invest in cloth diapers.
2.       I never complained about laundry. {This was difficult as my stash was very tiny in the beginning with a 1 month old – 12 diapers. And add insult to injury, my washer was broken for a long time, and it took us a while to realize it. It also took the repair man several attempts before it was finally fixed.}
3.       I acted like I knew what I was doing. {Thank goodness for Google and cloth diapering blogs/message boards.}
4.       Mr. GBE was never asked to rinse a diaper.
5.       Mr. GBE was never asked to wash a load of diapers.
6.       Mr. GBE was never asked to hang out diapers to dry.
7.       Mr. GBE was never asked to stuff/fold/put together any diaper.
8.       I proved that using cloth was easy when traveling away from home. {Disneyland + BW @ 5 months + GroVia’s disposable hybrid option = Success}
9.       There was a drastic decrease in our spending due to less frequent trips to Target to buy diapers, which also meant fewer impulse buys. *Cha-Ching!*
10.   When the only option in the house is a cloth diaper, cloth must be used.
So needless to say, Mr. GBE is quite adept at using cloth diapers.  He’s now rinsed, washed {with detailed instructions left on the washer}, dried, and stuffed diapers without nagging supervision. I think he even secretly enjoys using them. Mr. GBE, you’ve come a long way baby! He's’ become my biggest fan and supporter. Without him, I would have never started my own business. Hip, Hip, Hooray to Mr. GBE. I love you!

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  1. LOL, I love it! I, too, have detailed instructions hanging in my laundry room. I think this statement is very true and helpful: when all you have is cloth, cloth must be used!