Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cloth Wipes

This week I started to use Thirsties cloth wipes. I never thought that I would be a big fan of them, but I am! I absolutely LOVE them!!! I even made my own wipe solution and have 2 spray bottles full of it. The wipes are so soft, it's amazing! EB's skin seems to be really sensitive and once I made the switch I noticed he didn't cry anymore when I changed his diaper. Two major benefits that I have noticed are the fact that I can just toss them in with the cloth diapers to wash and the other is that the wipes are so large and absorbent that I can spray half of it with the solution and use the other half to dry him off. I normally use 1 wipe per diaper change. This has already been saving us money!  I know that all of this cloth diaper/wipe talk can make a Momma nervous...especially a new Momma, or one that has never considered using cloth until now.  I was a nervous Momma, then I tried it, and I am so glad I did!

One major reason that I made the switch to cloth wipes was that EB and I have had the misfortune of dealing with thrush...yuck! The disposable wipes were seriously irritating to his raw bum, and made his skin super wet. Then I would have to have a towel nearby to dry him off {excess moisture makes yeast grow}. Within 2 diaper changes with using the cloth wipes his bum went from fire red to light pink!!! Such a relief for us both! Also in making my own wipe solution I was able to customize it to his needs. For thrush it is advised to use grapefruit seed extract. So along with Dr. Bonner's soap, grape seed oil and water I added several drops of grapefruit seed extract, as an antifungal. It has worked miracles around here for EB! As for me, not as much, I ended up having to use the medicine prescribed. You win some you lose some. I am just relieved that it has worked for EB. Also, the Dr. advised using disposable diapers for a couple of days during treatment. I now know why I love the cloth. It actually got worse with paper diapers. The day we switched back to cloth it got so much better. For those of you wondering, the cloth diapers did not cause the yeast rash. It is caused by the thrush in the baby's mouth. Apparently during our first week of breastfeeding I got it and passed it onto him, and it got into his poo, causing the rash. Major pain, but we’re getting better every day!

Well, it finally happened, EB has outgrown his adorable little newborn diapers. I was still in denial when I could barely pull the front up far enough and I had to use the last snap. It was only after he peed out of 3 of them that I knew it was time to say goodbye and pass them on to another newborn.  It was a sad day at our house. My son is growing at an incredible rate. He somehow managed to gain 7 ounces in 2 days!!! This is unheard of for most newborns, but mine is apparently the exception. I remember at his 2 week appointment, the Dr. told me that normally it takes 2 weeks for a baby to get back to their birth weight, but somehow EB had gained almost a pound over his birth weight! We call him our chubby lil' duck. : ) Even though we didn't use the newborn diapers for long, I have to say that they were SO worth it!!!! I loved how there was almost no bulk and they fit his tiny little legs so perfectly.
Right now we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of BW's old diapers! Until then I have been using the Thirsties Duo Diapers, and love them! Not only are they easy to use, but I have not had a leak yet! They are bulkier than NB diapers, but that’s to be expected with a OS system. I have also been using Thirsties prefolds, fitteds, and wraps. I love using the Thirsties products. While bulky, it’s a diaper that works without leaks, and EB has plenty of room to grow in them. You can read more of my Thirsties review when diapering newborns here. And even though, EB had outgrown his newborn diapers I will still be reviewing the newborn diapers that I used on him. Those blog posts will be coming soon.

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