Monday, April 25, 2011

Earth Day Faux Pas

Since using cloth diapers, I have made more of a conscience effort to be greener in my everyday life. Nothing major like going off the grid or anything, but just small changes that I feel will slowly make a difference. I talked more about this is my post about the 3 R’s. So when Earth Day rolled around, I really want to make a point to be green. I went to Target, and forgot my bags. No biggie though. I just threw my purchases in my purse/diaper bag. It’s a big bag, but I also have to brag that I walked out of Target and spent under $100. Sweet! Next on my list for the day was laundry. I switched to washing the boys’ clothes on cold. I don’t know why I have been washing their clothes warm/cold, but I have since CW was born. With the amount of laundry we do this should help offset a tiny bit of the impending electricity costs once the A/C is running this summer. But I’m really switching to cold water to keep from being wasteful and using warm water for no reason. So far the score is Earth 2 Me 0. WooHoo!

my hip purse/diaper bag

Now on to the tragedy of the day. {The title did give it away.} Since Earth Day was also Good Friday, we had plans to visit with family and go to church in the evening. Once again, no biggie. I leave the house all the time using cloth diapers. But that day happened to be the holy day for the green movement. I had to get this right. No pressure. I packed my bag: wipes, wet bag {the most forgotten item in my bag}, toys, snacks, cup, bib, books, wallet, keys, diaper. Let me be more specific. That was one diaper & no phone. *gah* How did I make it without my phone?! Easy. I spent a good amount of energy kicking myself for packing one diaper. BW  needed changings in record time, so the diaper he was wearing when we left the house and the diaper I packed were used. Here I was at Good Friday service on the verge of gagging while holding BW outside in the breezeway without a clean diaper to change him into. I didn’t know what to do. I’ve never under packed like this before. The horror of being stuck at a place with a poopy kid was awful. I felt like a leper, he smelled so bad. I had 3 options: strap his poopy biscuits in the car, drive the 3 minutes home to change him and hope my fam didn’t notice, try to not gag all over him and hold BW outside for the 40 minutes remaining in the service, or scrounge around in the nursery for a *gasp* disposable diaper. I took option three and am glad I did. So yes, on Earth Day I used a disposable diaper. *whew* I’m glad I got that off my chest. Faux Pas Schmo Paw. BW was once again my happy boy, and I didn’t want to gag all over him. A disposable diaper happened to save the day. I’m not ashamed! Final Score Earth 2 Me 1. There's always next Earth Day.

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