Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sun Tan Part 2

Oh, oh it’s magic. Sort of.  *Full disclaimer* Before looking at the before and after pictures, I must confess that this GroVia booster not only enjoyed a weekend of our wonderful sunny weather here in Tucson, but was used and washed as well.  The extra washing was done on accident, as my sweet hubby used it since I didn’t tell him otherwise.  But the washing did help work out the nasty blueberry stains. Yay!

{Note: The loose threads are circled to prove that this is the same booster. And I apologize about the lighting in the after pic. Fluorescent lighting stinks.}
As you can see, the stains are almost completely gone.  With another wash and “tanning session” it will be stain free.  Honestly, staining doesn’t bother me.  However, I do like to keep my dipes looking as nice as possible, especially since these are going to be passed on to my soon to be born nephew. EEEE! I’m excited to meet him. 

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