Thursday, March 31, 2011

Awesomest Toy Store Ever

I was first drawn to Mildred & Dildred by the red door.  There is something about a red door that I can’t resist.  While talking with Autumn, the owner, I found out that Mildred & Dildred opened their doors in November of 2007.  I must have visited the store shortly after they had opened, because I was I was very pregnant with my first baby my first time there. The hubs and I checked out at all the great toys, but sadly didn’t purchase anything at that time.  This was mainly due to the fact that we didn’t know the gender of the baby and didn’t know what to buy.  However, we were very impressed by the selection of toys and have since made many visits to Mildred & Dildred.

Makes me smile!

Let’s talk toys.  The selection here is not your run of the mill big box toy store.  No sir-ee.  At Mildred & Dildred I was pleasantly reunited with many of my childhood toys.  A favorite baby toy/rattle made by Ambi Brio was discovered during one of my visits.  It brought back great memories and of course I had to get it for BW.  I think I love it just as much as he does.  There’s something magical about sharing a piece of your childhood with your little ones.  Or maybe I’m just a sentimental sort.  Mildred & Dildred also carries awesome modern toys.  I secretly admire the Rody while I’m there.  It is a rubber, bouncy, funky-in-a-cute-way horse.  One day if no one is looking I may try a bounce on it.  Supposedly it will hold up to 400 lbs.  There’s only one way to find out how true that claim is.  In addition to my secret obsession, there is a wide variety of books, puzzles, wooden toys, Sophie the Giraffe {a staple in this house thanks to M&D}, and eco-friendly toys to name a few.  You’ll have to check them out to see it all.  I guarantee you’ll want to walk out with something. Just Do It! But be sure to pay for it first!

Rody Horses

Need more reasons why Mildred & Dildred is the bestest toy store ever?!  Here you are allowed to play! There are play tables for the kiddos, and you can try out the toys before you buy.  With all the fancy stores at La Encantada, there are not many places to let your kiddies out of the stroller, but at Mildred & Dildred play is encouraged.  The staff is great and will help you find just what you’re looking for.  And if you don’t have what you’re looking for, just ask.  They may be able to get it for you. How great is that?  Mildred & Dildred even offers gift wrapping once you’ve found the perfect gift.  And if need be, they ship FedEx.  One-stop shopping!  Who doesn’t love that?  I despise strapping my kids in and out of the car more than necessary, so one less stop to go to the post office is great.

There is always something going on at Mildred & Dildred.  Story times, plays, magic shows, Lego Mini Figure Swaps, and many more events are frequently held at the store.  Be sure to check out the story times that are offered at Mildred & Dildred on Tuesdays at 10:30am and Thursdays at 3:30pm.  Story times are free and are geared toward ages 4 and under.  The plays that are put on at Mildred & Dildred are amazing.  The hubs and I took the boys awhile back to see Jack and the Beanstalk.  It was great!  I regret that we weren’t able to make the most recent play, The Tortoise and the Hare, last Saturday.  Friends went, and their kids loved it!  Coming up this weekend on Saturday, April 2nd at 1 pm is a free magic show.  Magic is huge with CW ever since he “saw” a magic show on Sesame Street with Will Arnett {HILARIOUS! Think Arrested Development meets Sesame Street}.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to check out some magic this weekend.  To keep up with the latest special events, check out their website at or “like” them on Facebook.  They are located downstairs at La Encantada in Tucson, AZ.  Stop in and let Autumn know that Tonya from Green Baby Elephant sent you.


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