Friday, March 11, 2011

Reasons to Cloth Diaper

Top 5 Reasons to Cloth Diaper Your Little One
5. CUTE. Stinkin’ cute! It’s amazingly fun to change such cute diapers. This is the one “accessory” that is constantly changed and never boring. For girls, it can add pizazz to an outfit. And finally boys have something adorably cute that creates an instant outfit with a matching t-shirt. Many of us moms spent our childhood dressing and undressing dolls. Here’s a chance to do it again with our babes. We are already spending a large majority of our days (and nights) changing diapers. How about making it fun again?! Trade a boring paper diaper for a colorful cloth one. You can’t go wrong with all the great colors and prints that cloth diapers come in now!
4. EASY. No more pins or plastic pants. Cloth diapers are hip, modern, and did I mention cute?! Today’s cloth diapers use durable snaps and super easy Velcro-like closures.
3. GREEN. As in earth friendly. Disposable diapers aren’t really disposable if you think about it. You may throw them away, but they really don’t go anywhere. Disposable diapers don’t biodegrade! Cloth diapers are reusable, and certain ones can even be composted when worn out. Awesome!
2. HEALTHY. The amount of chemicals and petroleum used to make a disposable diaper is insane. Using disposable diapers has the potential of exposing your baby to the chemicals that are inside the diaper. Have you ever used a disposable and seen the gel all over your baby’s skin while changing a diaper? Yuck! How about all the diaper rash your baby gets in disposables? And then you have to use a ton of rash creams to clear up the rash. Double yuck! Cloth diapers are much more breathable on your baby’s skin, which means little to no diaper rash. Yay!
1. CHEAP. Frugal, thrifty, fiscally responsible. Babies are expensive. Cloth diapers will save you money! You will be buying diapers for an average of 3 years per child. That’s a lot of money that is literally going in the trash. Cloth diapers can be used for more than one child, which can save you even more money.  When your baby no longer wears diapers, they (the diapers, not your child) can be sold, and you’ll get some money back. Sweet!

Top 5 Reasons I Cloth Diaper
5. COMFORT. Cloth diapers are so soft. I prefer to wear cloth underwear instead of plastic. As I think most of us do.  Since my almost one-year old can’t talk, I’ve been assuming the same for him during his first year.
4. POOP. This one requires a little more explanation. Poop blow-outs are a thing of the past. With my first baby, I didn’t use cloth. **GASP** He was often up to his neck in poop. I am not lying! With my second, poop blow-outs have been almost a non-issue. Some diarrhea due to slight milk sensitivity caused a few poop related catastrophes.  EEWW.  However, if I was using a disposable, he would have been up to his eyebrows in poop.  I can honestly say that he never had any explosive newborn poop blow outs. It is great to know that I can leave the house and not worry about poop going everywhere now that I use cloth diapers.
3. CHEAP. Yes, I already mentioned this one, but it’s worth mentioning again. Cloth diapers will save you money when it comes to buying disposable diapers, but it will also save you even more money by keeping you out of the store. WHAT?! Let me explain. I have no willpower when it comes to sales and clearance. A good deal is hard to pass up. While checking out the diaper aisle at the store, I would often hit the baby clothes clearance, baby toy clearance, shoe clearance, movie clearance, and the list goes on. I am embarrassed to admit that I almost always bought more than what I needed while at the store.  (Mind you, everything I bought was a killer deal!!) But seriously, less time at the store equals less buying of good deals (aka crap), which will save you money and time.
2. EASY. Again? Yes, cloth diapers are easy.  I have found that it is easier to throw a load of diapers in the wash than it is to load up the kids into the car and go to the store.  I press a few buttons and my machine does all the work. Easy peasy!
1. MOTHER. My mom bought my son cloth diapers when he was born. I would have never given cloth diapers a thought in my head if she hadn’t bought them for me. My husband and I were asked if we would use cloth by family and friends, and we both EEWW’ed and laughed simultaneously.  But given as a gift, I gave them a try and fell in love. Mother knows best. I almost gagged typing that. HA! Let me rephrase it. In this case, mother knows best. XOXO

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