Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thirsties Duo AIO

Normally I wouldn’t come out with a review a day after a new diaper is released. I like to take my time and really test out a diaper with BW to see how it works. It’s easy to quickly get caught up in the excitement of a new diaper in a stash, new color, style, etc., and lose sight of how well it really functions. In this case, I knew Thirsties Duo All-In-One {AIO} was a great diaper before I even put in on BW’s biscuits. It’s exactly like Thirsties Duo Fab Fitteds but with a PUL waterproof cover. {Remember an All In One is a diaper with the soaker sewn in place. No stuffing or folding necessary for use.} I have experience with Thirsties Fitteds, especially nighttime use, and so I knew the fit and absorbency of the Duo AIO would be great. Thirsties Duo AIO is very trim both in the rear and between the legs. And like the Duo Fitted, the Duo AIO has a tunnel opening to allow for extra absorbency to be added if you need it. This makes for a great diaper for naps, nights, and extended trips away from home. All you  need to do is stuff in a Thirsties Fab Doubler or Thirsties Hemp Insert, depending on your baby’s needs, and you have a diaper that can really hold up to a super soaker. The tunnel opening between the soaker and the waterproof layer also helps with washing and drying. More water can get to the microfiber layers as well as more air flow whether you air dry or use a dryer.

AIOs are also well known for being easy for care givers to use. There is no need to fold a prefold or use a snappi, no snapping & unsnapping a soaker pad, or stuffing a pocket. Thirsties Duo AIO is very similar to the use of a disposable diaper, but without the waste and chemicals of a disposable.
Maybe by this point you’re wondering what’s up with the use of the word ‘Duo’ in front of just about every Thirsties product. This is because they make 2 sizes for each diaper and diaper accessory. Size 1 fits from 6 to 18 lbs and Size 2 fits 18-40 lbs. With each size there are 3 rise settings. Thirsties came up with this sizing to help combat the problem of one size diapers never truly fitting the teeny-weeny-newborn stage and the almost-big-kid-potty-learning stage. The Duo line of products are definitely made to fit newborn to potty learning.

I know I always say to keep a stash simple by using as few brands & styles as possible, but with an AIO it’s easy to add it to whatever stash you may have already built up. I highly recommend Thirsties Duo AIO. Give it a shot. At $15.75 a diaper, it’s well worth a place in your stash!  

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  1. Thanks for the review! It's nice to see more daiper brands coming out with OS AIOs!