Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pampering on the cheap!

Happy Holidays! I've stepped away from the blog to spend some more time with my boys during the holiday season. Since Christmas is nearly upon us, I'd thought I'd share a little holiday treat, a homemade sugar scrub. It's totally fab, and easy to make. I hope you take a few minutes and try it out for yourself. It'll make your skin feel moisturized without having to slather on lotion while shivering straight out of the shower.

1 c sugar
1/4c - 1/2 c grapeseed oil {I use 1/4 c but my sis likes hers with a little more oil, 1/2 c. So this is up to you.}
Essential oil of your choice {I like vanilla or citrus scents.}

Mix together in a container with a tight seal and keep in the shower. And ff you leave it under the water, it will warm up by the time you use it.

Enjoy! And I hope you all have a special holiday season with your fam!!! 


  1. I totally agree! Macy & Joe made 20 jars of this for family for Christmas. But we used Olive Oil (and the kids loved peppermint oil - powerful stuff!)

  2. Olive oil is also great. I just chose grapeseed since it has less scent, which I needed since the vanilla I used wasn't very strong. I'm sure mint had no problem overtaking the olive oil scent. Next on my list to try is coconut. I'll feel like I'm in paradise.