Monday, November 7, 2011

Made in the USA

It’s that time of year again, the holidays…food, family, and gifts. If we’re honest, we easily admit that the food & family parts of the holiday season is what it’s really all about. And that’s the easy part of the holidays. If we dig a little deeper, and get a little more honest, this time of year is all about the hunt for the perfect gift at the lowest price. Retailers and consumers alike are gearing up for Black Friday. Everyone seems to be on the quest for the biggest sale ever as Christmas rapidly approaches.
I admit that as a new retailer, I’m getting ready for the biggest shopping day of the year. I do want my clients to get a good deal on diapers and gifts for the babies on their Christmas list. But I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what a ‘good deal’ really is. And personally, I’m looking for the label “Made in the USA.” This year, my ‘good deal’ will be supporting businesses that make their products in the USA. And if that’s something that you feel is important, I’ve been stocking Green Baby Elephant with a lot of products that are made in the USA. Thirsties, Bamboobies, Eazz Wraps, Rockin’ Green, Super Undies, Rock-a-Thigh Baby Socks are all US made products. It’s great to ‘Like’ these companies on Facebook and talk about how more things need to be made in the U.S., but the only thing that really counts is your $$. It sounds rude, but it’s true. If these companies are supported by you purchasing their products, they will grow. And maybe other companies will start up after watching the success of current U.S. companies.  I know I’m starting to sound like I’m up on a soapbox, but I do feel it is important to put your money where your mouth is. So while we’re all on our search for the best deal on the latest item, take a second and see if that is really the great deal you think it is. Remember to support our companies that make their products in the U.S.A. during this holiday season.

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